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According to COUNTRYAAH, on 2 February 1993, the General Council was able to adopt a new constitution. This states in the first paragraph that Andorra is an independent, democratic and social rule of law, where the political system is, in accordance with tradition, an "institutionalized parliamentary co-principality". The co-princes are jointly and inseparably heads of state and are the bishop of Urgell and the French president. On July 27 of that year, the country was admitted to the UN, and on November 10, 94, it was admitted as the 33rd State of the Council of Europe.

At the first parliamentary elections on December 12, 1994, Oscar Ribas Reig was re-elected, but he resigned on November 25, the following year, when he lost his majority ifbm. the negotiations for a new Finance Act. On December 7, he was replaced as head of government by the leader of the liberal group, Marc Forné. He was elected with 15 votes, and 13 blank.

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