About LED Bike Lights

These lights are composed of a yellow reflective tape and the central zone has a line of colored LEDs. This genre of lights usually have the silicone body with led lights in the central zone. These lights are accustomed to use when we go through urban areas and that the drivers that face us can see us more easily and avoid accidents and outrages. These lights can be placed in the area of ​​the handlebar of our bicycle and in the area of ​​the helmet. To place the bulb in the area of ​​the helmet, it is necessary that the lights come with a headband.

About LED Bike Lights 1

It has a charger for the battery, a flexible tape to fit it to our head and rubber bands to fit the handlebars of the bike. Another one that we can not leave to us if we go by urban zones are the fork lights since it helps to make us more visible between the traffic of the vehicles that come from front. And for areas where we do not have lighting in the streets we must choose a spotlight for the bike handle of about one thousand eight hundred lumens. It is essential to know the rules of circulation before using the bike to get around.

About LED Bike Lights 2

And as a spare light we recommend a 3800 since it can also serve to deliver a greater intensity of light when we reach great speeds on our bike. The use of reflective garments on urban roads is not mandatory, but is useful for low visibility nighttime circulation. With very low temperatures it is essential to protect the hands with a pair of gloves, the neck with a scarf scarf and the feet with somewhat thicker socks. The general rule, taken from skiers, is to shelter the body with something that will retain the heat and cut the wind with an insulated garment.

Long garments, raincoats, are not recommended as they take away a lot of mobility, and the anoraks, similar layers that we use to protect ourselves from the rain, will have to be breathable to not end up wet for more info Battery-operated lights and battery-powered dynamos do not go off when you stop pedaling, so they represent a better option. Lights and reflectors: the use of front and rear lights is essential.

About LED Bike Lights 3

The light of dynamo is from EBICYCLELIGHTS.COM, but the disadvantage that the ones that do not have accumulator is that when stopping in a Stop in front of a red traffic light, the back light goes out and reduces our visibility for third. To be perceptible we can also use garments, bag, backpack saddlebags that have a reflective tape. With the second the rear wheel and the frame between them are chained to the bicycle, if possible. Spiral padlocks should be avoided for this function as they are cut quite easily with a shear. For an urban employment bicycle, with three, five or seven speeds is usually enough.