Amsterdam, Netherlands

The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam has many interesting sights to offer and also a wide range of different ones activities for tourists. See mcat-test-centers for Amsterdam living cost.

You should definitely not miss the Rijksmuseum. The building of the museum was erected in 1885 in neo-renaissance and neo-Gothic styles. Inside the museum you can visit one of the most important collections of paintings in the country. There are works by Rembrandt, Vermehr up toVan Goghdisplayed. There are also a large number of different historical documents and objects on display. The highlight of the museum is the famous painting “The Night Watch” by Rembrandt.

The Anne Frank Huis is an absolute must. The story of the Jewish girl Anne Frank, who hid with her family and four other Jews in a secret annexe for two years during the Second World War is certainly known worldwide. Nevertheless, they were discovered shortly before the end of the war and deported to Auschwitz. In the museum you can get the original diary to see Anne Frank.

You should have seen the Rembrandt House in Amsterdam. This is the former home of the famous painter. The house dates from the seventeenth century and you can easily imagine how the painter could have lived back then. There is an extension to the house from 1999. The world’s largest collection of engravings, etchings and drawings by the artist is exhibited there.

The Koninglijke Palaeis is also worth a visit. The building was erected between 1648 and 1655. At that time, however, the subsoil was not strong enough to build such a house. So the floor was reinforced with 13,659 tree trunks so that it can support the Koninglijke Paleis at all.
The Paleis was originally the town hall and the seat of the city administration. The main facade is particularly impressive. Their feature is a frieze on which sea gods and sea monsters are shown.

The Stopera is also worth seeing, as it is a multifunctional building complex. It unites the town hall and the music theater.

The Pintohuis is well worth seeing. The Pintohuis dates back to 1605. Eighty years later, a classicist facade was added. Today there is a public library inside the Pintohuis.

There are a number of museums in Amsterdam, such as the Ajax Museum, the Allard Pierson Museum, the Amsterdam Historical Museum, etc.

Amsterdam also has some green spaces, such as B. the Amsterdamre Bos. This is a forest that is located in the south of Amsterdam. It covers an area of ​​approx. 800 hectares and is a popular local recreation area with the locals.
The park was created in the mid-twenties as a result of a job creation scheme.

Other interesting parks in Amsterdam are the Sarphatipark and the Vondelpark.

One of the special places in the city is z. B. the Leidsepenlein. There is always something going on here and the square is also a popular meeting place for the locals. There are a few bars, restaurants and cafes here.

But the Nieuwmarkt is also worth a visit. There are a large number of different cafes and Asian snack bars here. Other interesting places would be the Rembrandtplein and the Spui.

Who doesn’t know, but there are different districts to visit in Amsterdam that are really tough. There is also Chinatown, Jordann or Nieuwendam, etc. Each of these districts has special features that are worth visiting.

Art is not neglected in Amsterdam either. The city has several theaters to offer, such as the Amsterdams Marionetten Theater, Boom Chicago, Het Muziektheater etc.

As in almost all other cities around the world, there are some interesting religious buildings to visit in Amsterdam.

There is the Amstelkeerk. This is a church from 1669, which is kept very simple and also has no tower. The Nieuwe Kerk is something special. The first building was built in the fifteenth century, but has been destroyed by several fires several times. The building that can be visited today dates from the first half of the sixteenth century. The Amstelkeerk is the coronation church of the Dutch kings and is also used as an exhibition room. The wedding of the Dutch Crown Prince Willem-Alexander took place here in 2001.

Other sacred buildings worth seeing in Amsterdam are the Noorderkerk, Qude Kerk, the portuegues-istraelite synagogue and the Zuiderkerk.

The Blauwbrug is something special. The bridge dates from 1884 and was built on the model of the Seine bridge in Paris. It is accordingly richly decorated.

Another bridge that should be seen is the Magere Brug.

Other buildings in the city that you should see are the Begijnhof, Beurs von Berlage and Goudenboch, as well as the Montelbaanstoren.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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