Appanoose County, Iowa Weather

According to, Appanoose County is located in the south-central region of Iowa and consists of 832 square miles. The population of Appanoose County is estimated to be around 12,150 people as of 2019. The county was founded in 1843 and was named after the Sauk chief Appanoose. This area has grown to be an agricultural hub, with many farmers cultivating corn and soybeans.

The county has a variety of attractions for visitors to explore, such as the historic Appanoose County Courthouse, which dates back to 1859. Visitors can also explore the Lake Rathbun State Park located on the banks of the Rathbun Reservoir, where many outdoor activities are available such as fishing, swimming, camping, and boating. Other popular attractions include the Appanoose County Museum which features artifacts from Native American cultures and local history displays.

Famous people from Appanoose County include actor Ashton Kutcher who was born in Cedar Rapids and grew up in Homestead; singer/songwriter/producer Andy Griggs who grew up near Centerville; actor Don Cheadle who was born in Kansas City but spent most of his childhood living in Centerville; and professional wrestler Shawn Michaels who grew up in Centerville.

Climate and weather in Appanoose County, Iowa

According to, Appanoose County, Iowa is located in the south-central region of the state and has a humid continental climate. The area experiences all four seasons with hot summers and cold winters. Average summer temperatures range from the mid 70s to mid 80s, while winter temperatures range from the mid 20s to low 30s. The county receives an average of 40 inches of precipitation annually, mostly in the form of rain during spring and summer months.

The county also experiences a variety of weather phenomena such as thunderstorms, hail, snowstorms, and tornadoes. During spring and summer months thunderstorms are common in the area and can produce strong winds, heavy rain, lightning strikes, and hail. Snowstorms are more likely to occur during winter months with typical snowfall amounts ranging from 2-4 inches per month. Tornadoes have been known to affect Appanoose County although they usually occur during springtime when conditions are right for their formation.

Appanoose County has mild summers with occasional bouts of extreme heat or humidity accompanied by thunderstorms or hail. Winters tend to be cold but not too severe with occasional snowfall throughout the season. Springtime is characterized by warm temperatures and frequent thunderstorms while fall brings cooler temperatures but sunny days with little precipitation.

Transportation in Appanoose County, Iowa

Appanoose County, Iowa is served by a variety of transportation options. The county is accessible by car, bus, train, and air. Major highways such as Interstate 80, US Route 34 and US Route 63 run through the county providing access to nearby cities like Des Moines and Omaha.

The Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad runs through Appanoose County providing freight and passenger service to various destinations throughout the state. Amtrak also provides service to a few select cities including Des Moines and Chicago.

The Burlington Municipal Airport serves Appanoose County with flights to regional destinations including Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Omaha and Kansas City. The airport also offers private charter flights for those who need to travel further away.

Public transportation in Appanoose County is provided by the Centerville Transit System which operates several bus routes throughout the county connecting major towns such as Centerville, Mystic and Moulton. The transit system also provides connections to nearby cities like Des Moines via intercity buses operated by Jefferson Lines.

For those looking for alternative forms of transportation, there are numerous bike trails located throughout Appanoose County providing scenic routes for cyclists of all skill levels. There are also plenty of hiking trails located in nearby state parks such as Lake Darling State Park offering visitors a chance to explore nature up close while getting some exercise at the same time.

Cities and towns in Appanoose County, Iowa

According to COUNTRYAAH, Appanoose County, Iowa is home to several cities and towns, each with its own unique character and charm. The county seat is Centerville, the largest city in the county. Centerville is a charming small town with a historic downtown area full of shops, restaurants, and other attractions. The city also has a vibrant arts scene with numerous galleries and theaters as well as annual festivals celebrating the local culture.

Mystic is another small town located in Appanoose County. It is known for its picturesque downtown area featuring quaint shops and eateries as well as a variety of historical sites such as the Mystic Mill and Mystic Historical Museum. Mystic also hosts an annual summer festival that attracts visitors from all over the region.

Moulton is another small town located in Appanoose County that features a historic downtown area full of unique shops, restaurants, and other attractions such as the Moulton Opera House and Moulton Historical Museum. The town also hosts an annual fair that celebrates its agricultural heritage with numerous events such as tractor pulls, animal shows, carnival rides, live music performances, and more.

In addition to these cities and towns, there are numerous smaller unincorporated communities throughout Appanoose County including Plano, Exline, Plano Junction, Prairie City Junction, Unionville Junction, Moravia Junction, Udell Junction and many more. Each of these communities offers something unique for visitors to explore from old-fashioned general stores to outdoor adventures in nearby state parks or on the lakefronts of Lake Rathbun or Lake Darling State Park.

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