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According to, Bibb County is located in the central part of Alabama, and it is home to a population of approximately 22,000 people. The county seat is Centreville, and other notable towns and cities include Brent, Woodstock, West Blocton, and Brierfield. Bibb County was created in 1818 from parts of both Shelby and Tuscaloosa Counties. It was named after William W. Bibb who was the first Governor of Alabama after it became a state in 1819.

The main attractions in Bibb county are the Cahaba River National Wildlife Refuge, Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park, Brierfield Ironworks Historical State Park, and the historic town of Centerville. The Cahaba River National Wildlife Refuge is a great place to visit for outdoor activities such as fishing and canoeing. Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park offers an array of activities including camping, picnicking, hiking trails, horseback riding trails, an antique car museum as well as a pioneer farm museum. Brierfield Ironworks Historical State Park features a Civil War era blast furnace site which has been restored along with several miles of trails for visitors to explore.

Famous people from Bibb County include actor Jim Nabors who starred in “The Andy Griffith Show” as “Gomer Pyle”, jazz musician Sun Ra who performed with Duke Ellington’s band during the 1930s-1950s and later formed his own jazz ensemble known as Sun Ra Arkestra; professional football player Ozzie Newsome who played tight end for the Cleveland Browns; country music artist Mac McAnally; actor/director Tim Burton; former NFL player Kevin Turner; writer Rick Bragg; and former U.S Senator Lister Hill.

Climate and weather in Bibb County, Alabama

According to, Bibb County, Alabama has a humid subtropical climate with hot and humid summers and mild winters. The area experiences an average of 58 inches of precipitation per year, most of which falls during the summer months. Summers are typically hot and humid with temperatures ranging from the mid-80s to low-90s Fahrenheit (29-33 Celsius). Winters are mild with temperatures usually ranging between 40-60°F (4-15°C). Snowfall is rare, but it does occur occasionally.

The area is prone to severe weather including thunderstorms, tornadoes, hail, and floods. The county experiences an average of 48 days of thunderstorms each year. Tornadoes are common in the spring and early summer months due to the warm moist air that often moves in from the Gulf of Mexico. During these months it is important to keep an eye on the weather forecast and be prepared for sudden changes in conditions.

Bibb County also experiences strong winds throughout most of the year due to its location in Tornado Alley. These winds can be strong enough to cause damage to trees and buildings if they become too strong. It is important to take precautions when these conditions occur as they can quickly become dangerous for those who are not prepared for them.

Bibb County has a mild climate that is ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, boating, golfing, etc., during most months of the year. The area also offers plenty of opportunities for sightseeing and exploring its many historical sites such as Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park or Brierfield Ironworks Historical State Park.

Transportation in Bibb County, Alabama

Bibb County, Alabama offers a variety of transportation options for its residents and visitors. The county is served by the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport, located just 20 miles east of the county seat of Centreville. This airport provides direct flights to major cities across the country, as well as international destinations.

The area is also served by several major highways including Interstate 20/59, US Highway 11, and State Route 5. These highways provide access to nearby towns and cities such as Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Montgomery and Mobile. Public transportation in Bibb County is provided by the Bibb Transit System which operates bus routes throughout the county.

For those who prefer to travel by rail, Amtrak’s Crescent line provides daily service between New Orleans and New York City with stops in Birmingham and Anniston. In addition to Amtrak service, there are several freight rail lines that run through Bibb County providing an important link for businesses in the area to transport goods nationally and internationally.

For those who prefer car travel there are several car rental agencies located in Centreville that offer affordable rates for those looking to explore Bibb County or take a road trip elsewhere in Alabama or beyond.

In addition to traditional forms of transportation such as cars and buses, there are also several bike trails located throughout the county for cyclists looking to explore nature or ride from one town to another. There are also numerous walking trails available for those who want to take a leisurely stroll or go on a longer hike through some of Bibb County’s breathtaking scenery.

Cities and towns in Bibb County, Alabama

According to COUNTRYAAH, Bibb County, Alabama is home to several cities and towns that offer unique attractions and experiences for residents and visitors alike. The county seat of Centreville is a small city located in the heart of Bibb County. Centreville is home to several historical sites including the Bibb County Courthouse, which was built in 1835, as well as the historic Barfield House. There are also several restaurants and shops located in downtown Centreville that offer a variety of dining and shopping options.

Located just outside of Centreville is Brierfield Ironworks Historical State Park which offers visitors a chance to explore the ruins of an old ironworks factory that produced weapons for the Confederate army during the Civil War. Additionally, there are two other state parks located nearby, Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park and Oakmulgee State Wildlife Management Area, both offering plenty of opportunities for camping, hiking and fishing.

West Blocton is another town located within Bibb County. This small city is home to several local businesses including restaurants, retail stores and services such as auto repair shops. West Blocton also has a public library with an extensive collection of books and materials for those looking to do some research or just relax with a good book.

Additionally, there are several unincorporated communities located throughout Bibb County such as Beehive Springs, Bessie’s Crossroads, Dunnavant Valley Hilltop Estates and Woodstock. Each community offers its own unique atmosphere with plenty of opportunities for exploring nature or visiting local attractions such as museums or historic sites.

No matter where you choose to visit in Bibb County you’ll find plenty of things to do whether it’s sightseeing at one of its many historical sites or enjoying outdoor activities like camping or fishing at one of its many state parks or wildlife management areas.

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