Bike Lights Prevent Traffic Accidents

With the purpose of preventing traffic accidents in which corridors are involved, Carabineros del Reten Melozal”, a subsidiary of the Fifth Commissioner of San Javier, carried out a campaign by means of which lights and recommendations were given to these drivers.

The most famous is the conventional dynamo, supported in the chassis the fork of the bicycle that when actuated, supports the upper wheel on the side of the tire, in a grated area of ​​the tire to prosper the traction of the wheel with the pneumatic. Although it may not seem like it, the usual dinosaurs also have adjustments for their optimal functioning. In order not to waste prematurely the wheel of the dynamo or the pneumatic while avoiding the unnecessary noises we must place the dynamo in such a position on the deck so that if we draw an imaginary line along the axis of the dynamo, this must pass through the center of the axis is interesting information of the wheel.

Bike Lights Prevent Traffic Accidents 1

While a very simple bottle dynamo can be worth just 10 euros, a hub with normal dynamo “cost about 8 times more, and more advanced models can easily achieve 300 euros. For a more moderate use of the lights of your bicycle, it is most likely that the balance between investment and service you get with lights powered by rechargeable batteries. If the lamp itself incorporates regulator there is no problem, connect the dynamo you want.

Whether they are front rear, exert driving light and only serve to alert our presence to other vehicles that circulate our way. Also we can find headlights that go with batteries batteries more designed to light our ride in total absence of ambient light. There are models to put and remove and there are even some ready to be recharged with solar panels. It continues being the most popular system that exists to produce light in the bikes. A lot of people do not like the dynamo because of the noise and they argue that it slows the wheel when circulating, although this is only when we use low quality dynamos.

Bike Lights

You know, the new law on the demand of the installation of the illumination the warning light that has already started is based on the safety in the driving of the bicycle lights. The light can be reflected for tourism when the tourism lights glisten on the taillights, no matter the direction of accident, and the light intensity is much larger than the diffuse general light, the absolute protection of your safety! Due to the adult nature of this section on our sites, it is only available to service clients who are more than eighteen years old. The unique and original bell for your bicycle – hotel bell for the bike.

And if you can think of something interesting to incorporate here, do not hesitate to contact me through the contact. Inside the range of lights Sigma urban bicycle emphasizes the light Micro, Cuberider, Hiro and Headled, small models ideal to signal. For those who seek total light on MTB and road we find the models Pava, Karma E. and Powerled E., genuine headlights that will illuminate the ride as if it were a car a motorcycle. You can also find accessories Sigma bicycle lights as chargers, batteries, holds, cables and kits.

Bike Lights Prevent Traffic Accidents 2

The dynamo is a generator of electric energy and one of the most efficient systems that, in the case of the bike, takes advantage of the movement of the wheels to generate the energy that the lights that are connected to it will use. There are 2 models of dynamos designed singularly for the bicycle. The mass dynamo for its part, requires practically no maintenance, presents less friction than usual but the weight of the mass is significant in contrast to a normal mass, however is a great alternative option to power the lights of your bike.The use of magnets for the generation of electric energy is new on bicycles.

This is one of the bicycle spoke lights (click EBICYCLELIGHTS) integrated into a bike, so it requires a new technology to warn you when you are slowing down to blink the light and intensify its brightness and thus alert the traffic that slows down. Place the bicycle in the back to maneuver in comfort and lean on the led tape to measure the extension that should have when joining the pieces. Remove with a knife a piece of plastic that covers the contacts of the LED light and raspalos to create a surface to be welded.

Bike Lights Prevent Traffic Accidents 3

A good signage and lighting always and at all times is essential for cycling safely, but when it is done at night in conditions of poor visibility, it is still more. But, unlike vehicles and motorcycles that incorporate standard lighting systems, most bicycles do not have a factoria solution. This gives greater visibility for the bicycle-both lateral and frontal-and better lighting-but near the ground-for the one who is carrying it. The lights go with a rechargeable and detachable lithium battery, so the owner can take it with you when you park your bike.