Broome County, New York Weather

According to, Broome County, New York is located in the south-central portion of the state and is home to a population of approximately 200,000 people. The county seat is Binghamton, which has a population of over 45,000 people. This city is known for its rich history and cultural attractions.

The area that would become Broome County was first inhabited by the Iroquois Native American tribe around 1000 A.D. The first permanent European settlement was established in 1786 and the county was officially created in 1806. It was named after John Broome, who served as lieutenant governor of New York from 1804-1810.

Today, Broome County offers visitors a variety of attractions to explore. The Roberson Museum and Science Center features interactive exhibits on science and technology as well as local history exhibits. The Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park is home to several species of animals from all over the world, while nearby Otsiningo Park provides outdoor recreation opportunities such as walking trails and playgrounds for kids. In addition to its museums and parks, Broome County also hosts several annual festivals including Spiedie Fest & Balloon Rally, an event dedicated to celebrating the area’s unique food culture; Greek Fest; Pridefest; and Oktoberfest.

Broome County has produced several notable figures throughout its history including author Patricia Polacco; actor/comedian Tom Poston; former NFL quarterback Joe Ferguson; baseball player Pee Wee Reese; singer/songwriter Barry Manilow; former U.S Senator William Warren Barbour; former Vice President Nelson Rockefeller; actor/director James Franco; artist Georgia O’Keeffe; Nobel Prize winning physicist Burton Richter; Olympic gold medalist swimmer Mark Spitz; author Kurt Vonnegut Jr.; musician Phish’s Trey Anastasio; television host Regis Philbin; and actor Steve Buscemi.

In conclusion, Broome County offers visitors a variety of attractions that are sure to please everyone from outdoor enthusiasts to art lovers alike. With its rich history and culture combined with numerous recreational activities available year round, it’s no wonder why so many choose this beautiful area as their home.

Climate and weather in Broome County, New York

According to, Broome County, New York is located in the Southern Tier region of the state and has a humid continental climate. The county experiences four distinct seasons, with warm and humid summers, cold and snowy winters, and mild springs and autumns.

In the spring months of March through May, temperatures usually range from the mid-30s to mid-60s Fahrenheit (0°C to 18°C). Rainfall can be fairly common during this time of year and snow is not unheard of either.

In the summer months of June through August, temperatures typically range from the low 70s to low 80s (21°C to 28°C). The area gets plenty of sunshine during these months, making it a great time for outdoor activities such as hiking or swimming in one of the many nearby lakes. Rainfall is still common but thunderstorms are rare.

Autumn brings cooler temperatures with averages ranging from the mid-40s to mid-60s (7°C to 18°C). Precipitation is common during this season with rain showers being more frequent than snow showers.

Winter in Broome County can be quite cold with temperatures ranging from below freezing to above freezing depending on location within the county. Snowfall is fairly common throughout these months with an average seasonal total of around 50 inches (127 cm). Blizzards are rare but possible during this season.

Broome County has a fairly temperate climate with plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation year round. Winters can be cold but generally not extreme while summers are warm but not too hot. Spring and autumn provide mild weather perfect for exploring all that this beautiful region has to offer.

Transportation in Broome County, New York

Broome County, New York is served by a variety of transportation options that make getting around the area easy and convenient.

The county is served by a number of bus lines, including the Broome County Transit System (BCT) which provides public transit service to most parts of the county. The BCT also offers specialized services for seniors and persons with disabilities. For those needing to travel outside of the county, there are several regional bus lines that offer service to nearby cities.

Taxi services are also available throughout the county and can be a great option for those needing to get around quickly or in areas not serviced by public transit.

For those who prefer to drive, Broome County is served by several major highways including Interstate 81, Interstate 86/Route 17, and U.S. Route 11. These highways provide access not only within the county but all over the Southern Tier region as well as other parts of New York State and beyond.

Rail service is also available in Broome County with Amtrak providing daily stops in Binghamton and Johnson City on its Empire Service line between Albany and Niagara Falls. This makes it easy for travelers to get around without having to drive or take a bus.

For those looking for air travel options, Greater Binghamton Airport (BGM) provides commercial flights within New York State as well as other destinations throughout the Northeast US. The airport is located approximately 10 miles (16 km) from downtown Binghamton making it easy to access from anywhere in Broome County.

Broome County offers plenty of transportation options ranging from public buses to private taxis so getting around this beautiful area is never an issue.

Cities and towns in Broome County, New York

According to COUNTRYAAH, Broome County, New York is home to a variety of cities and towns that offer something for everyone.

The largest city in the county is Binghamton, which serves as the county seat. Binghamton is known for its picturesque downtown area, historic architecture, and vibrant arts scene. It also offers plenty of shopping and dining options as well as a number of parks and other recreational activities.

Other cities in the county include Johnson City, Endicott, Vestal, Conklin, Endwell, Kirkwood, and Port Dickinson. Johnson City is home to a bustling downtown area with plenty of shops and restaurants while Vestal offers a more rural atmosphere with its rolling hills and farmland.

In addition to these cities, there are also several smaller towns located throughout Broome County including Chenango Bridge, Castle Creek, Chenango Forks, Deposit, Glen Aubrey, Hancock and many more. Each town has its own unique character from quaint historic buildings to stunning natural scenery making them great places to explore.

No matter what type of city or town you’re looking for Broome County has something for everyone. From bustling urban centers to peaceful rural villages each one offers its own unique charm that make them great places to live or visit.

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