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According to, Chelan County is located in the central part of Washington State in the United States and is bordered by Okanogan County to the north, Douglas County to the east, and Kittitas County to the south. The population of Chelan County was estimated at 77,814 people in 2020. Chelan County is one of the most beautiful counties in Washington with its mountain ranges, rivers, lakes, and forests.

The history of Chelan County dates back thousands of years when Native American tribes lived on its lands. The first European settlers arrived in 1811 and began to establish farms and ranches. In 1863 Chelan County was officially established as a county and today it remains a popular tourist destination for outdoor recreation activities such as skiing, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, kayaking, canoeing and more.

Attractions in Chelan County include Lake Chelan which is one of the deepest lakes in North America with depths reaching up to 1443 feet (440 meters). This lake offers great swimming spots as well as fishing opportunities. Another popular attraction is Echo Valley which offers stunning views over Lake Chelan from its high elevation points. Other attractions include numerous parks such as Riverwalk Park which features walking trails along the Wenatchee River or Lakeside Park which has a beachfront area perfect for swimming or picnicking.

Famous people who have called Chelan home include actor Kurt Russell who was born here; singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile; Olympic gold medalist snowboarder Kelly Clark; singer/actress Jewel; former NFL player Jerome Bettis; former NBA player Detlef Schrempf; professional golfer Ryan Moore; comedian/actor Bill Hader; actor/director Robert Redford; musician Duff McKagan from Guns N’ Roses; former NFL player Steve Largent and many more.

Climate and weather in Chelan County, Washington

According to, Chelan County, Washington is characterized by a Mediterranean climate with warm summers and cool winters. The average temperature in the county ranges from 34°F (1°C) in January to 79°F (26°C) in July. The region experiences very little precipitation during the summer months, but receives a significant amount of rainfall during the winter season. The county receives an average of 17 inches (430 mm) of rain per year, making it one of the driest regions in Washington State. Snowfall averages around 20 inches (510 mm), but snow can last for several weeks at higher elevations.

The weather in Chelan County is generally sunny throughout the year, with an average of 250 sunny days per year. During the summer months, temperatures can reach into the 90s Fahrenheit (32-38 Celsius), while winter temperatures often dip below freezing at night. Winds tend to be light throughout much of the year, but can become strong and gusty during thunderstorms or cold fronts moving through the area.

The climate in Chelan County is ideal for outdoor recreation activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, skiing and snowboarding. In addition to its pleasant weather conditions and abundant sunshine, Chelan County also offers stunning natural beauty and breathtaking views of its mountains and lakes. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day on Lake Chelan or an adventurous trip into the surrounding wilderness areas, Chelan County has something to offer everyone.

Transportation in Chelan County, Washington

Chelan County, Washington is served by a variety of transportation options for those who live and visit the area. The most common mode of transportation is the car, with plenty of roads and highways crisscrossing the county and connecting towns and cities. The county is also served by a number of bus routes that provide access to nearby cities, as well as local bus services that run within Chelan County. Additionally, Amtrak provides passenger rail service to Wenatchee from Seattle on its Empire Builder line.

For those looking to explore the area via water, Lake Chelan offers ferry service between Stehekin and Field’s Point. The lake also offers numerous boat launches for those who wish to take their own boat out on the lake. Additionally, there are several marinas in the area where boats can be rented or stored.

For those looking to fly in or out of Chelan County, there are two airports located in the county: Pangborn Memorial Airport (EAT) near Wenatchee and Lake Chelan Airport (S10) near Manson. These airports provide regional air service with flights to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) as well as other destinations throughout Washington State.

Chelan County offers a variety of transportation options for those living in or visiting the area. From cars and buses to boats and planes, there are plenty of ways to get around this beautiful corner of Washington State.

Cities and towns in Chelan County, Washington

According to COUNTRYAAH, Chelan County, Washington is home to a number of cities and towns that offer something for everyone. The county seat is Wenatchee, a city of about 30,000 people located along the Columbia River and the eastern edge of the Cascade Mountains. Wenatchee is known for its orchards and agricultural production, as well as its vibrant downtown core filled with restaurants, shops and entertainment venues.

Also located in Chelan County is the town of Manson, located on the south shore of Lake Chelan. Manson has a population of about 1,400 people and offers stunning views of the lake and surrounding mountains. It’s also home to numerous wineries and vineyards that produce some of the best wines in Washington State.

Just north of Manson lies Entiat, a small town located along the Columbia River with a population of just over 1,000 people. Entiat is known for its outdoor recreation opportunities such as fishing, camping and hiking in nearby national forests.

Chelan County also includes several unincorporated towns such as Dryden, Orondo and Monitor. These small towns are nestled amidst rolling hills and provide rural living at its best.

Whether you’re looking for an urban lifestyle in Wenatchee or a more rural experience in one of Chelan County’s smaller towns or unincorporated communities there’s something to suit everyone’s needs in this beautiful corner of Washington State.

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