Chittenden County, Vermont Weather

According to, Chittenden County, Vermont is located in the northwestern part of the state and is the most populous county in Vermont. It is bordered by Lamoille and Washington Counties to the north, Franklin County to the east, Addison County to the south, and Grand Isle County to the west. The population of Chittenden County was 159,737 as of 2019.

The history of Chittenden County dates back to 1763 when it was created by New York Governor Sir William Johnson. It was named after Thomas Chittenden, who served as governor of Vermont from 1778-1789. Over time, the county has grown in population and today is home to several large cities such as Burlington, South Burlington, Winooski, Essex Junction, and Colchester.

Chittenden County offers visitors numerous attractions including Church Street Marketplace in Burlington which features a variety of shops and restaurants; Shelburne Museum which showcases Americana artifacts; Ethan Allen Homestead Museum which offers tours of the historic home; Magic Hat Brewery which offers beer tastings; Stowe Mountain Resort which features skiing and snowboarding trails for all levels; Lake Champlain Maritime Museum which showcases exhibits on maritime history; Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour where visitors can learn about ice cream making process; and many more.

There are also several notable people from Chittenden County such as former president Chester A. Arthur who was born in Fairfield in 1829; musician Grace Potter who grew up in Waitsfield; author Howard Frank Mosher who wrote about life in rural Vermont; actor Paul Rudd who attended high school in Colchester; comedian Seth Meyers who grew up in Bedford Corners; actress Gretchen Mol who attended college at Middlebury College; singer Phish frontman Trey Anastasio who grew up in White River Junction; novelist Jodi Picoult who lived for many years near Richmond village green; artist Helen Nearing who retired with her husband Scott near Craftsbury Common village green.; and many more.

Chittenden County is a great destination for those looking for outdoor activities or cultural attractions like museums or music venues. With its rich history and vibrant culture there’s something for everyone here.

Climate and weather in Chittenden County, Vermont

According to, Chittenden County, Vermont has a humid continental climate. Summers are warm and humid with an average high temperature of 83°F (28°C) in July and an average low of 62°F (17°C). Winters are cold and snowy with an average high temperature of 23°F (-5°C) in January and an average low of -3°F (-19°C). The county typically receives over 30 inches (76 cm) of snowfall each year with the highest amounts occurring in January, February, and March.

Spring brings mild temperatures with highs in the 50s F (10-15 C) and lows in the 30s F (-1 to 4 C). This season is also wetter than other seasons with April being the wettest month on average. During the summer months, temperatures can reach into the 90s F (32+ C), but usually stay below this mark.

Fall is cool and dry with highs in the 50s F (10-15 C) and lows in the 30s F (-1 to 4 C). Average precipitation levels decrease during this season as well.

The area experiences four distinct seasons which create a variety of outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy such as skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking, fishing, camping, boating, swimming, and more. The weather also makes it a great destination for fall foliage viewing as well as maple syrup production.

Chittenden County offers visitors a variety of climates throughout the year providing plenty of opportunities to explore its many attractions both indoors and outdoors.

Transportation in Chittenden County, Vermont

Chittenden County, Vermont is well-served by public transportation for those looking to get around without the need for a car. The county has several bus routes operated by the Chittenden County Transportation Authority (CCTA) that connect the towns of Burlington, South Burlington, Winooski, Essex Junction, and Williston. The CCTA also provides express bus services to outlying areas like St. Albans and Milton.

The Green Mountain Transit Agency (GMTA) operates intercity buses that connect Chittenden County with other parts of Vermont such as Montpelier and Stowe. Bus fares are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at ticket vending machines located at most major bus stops.

In addition to buses, there are several taxi companies operating in the area that provide door-to-door service for those needing more personalized transportation. Taxis are usually more expensive than buses but can be booked ahead of time to ensure availability when needed.

For those traveling outside of Chittenden County, Amtrak’s Vermonter train runs through White River Junction providing connections with cities in Massachusetts and New York City as well as Montreal in Canada. There is also an airport located in South Burlington which provides daily flights to various destinations throughout the US and Canada.

Chittenden County offers a variety of transportation options for visitors including public buses, taxis, trains, and airports making it easy to get around without having to worry about owning or renting a car.

Cities and towns in Chittenden County, Vermont

According to COUNTRYAAH, Chittenden County, Vermont is home to a variety of cities and towns that offer something for everyone. The county seat is Burlington, the largest city in the state with a population of over 43,000. With its vibrant downtown area, waterfront park, and many cultural attractions, Burlington is an ideal destination for those looking to explore Vermont’s culture and history.

South Burlington is another major city in Chittenden County located just south of Burlington. It is home to several attractions including the University Mall Shopping Center and the Shelburne Museum. South Burlington also boasts outdoor recreation opportunities at Dorset Park, Red Rocks Park and Pine Hill Park.

Essex Junction is a smaller but still bustling town located in northwestern Chittenden County. It is known for its vibrant arts scene and hosts many festivals throughout the year such as the Essex Junction Festival of Lights and Music Festival. The town also boasts several historic buildings including the Old Brick Church which was built in 1827.

Williston is another charming town located in southwestern Chittenden County that offers visitors plenty of activities such as golfing at Williston Country Club or exploring the nearby Ethan Allen Homestead State Historic Site. The town also features several restaurants serving up local favorites like maple creemees (a type of soft serve ice cream topped with maple syrup).

Winooski is a small city located along the Winooski River and known for its diverse population as well as being home to a variety of shops, restaurants, galleries, and more. It has recently become popular among students from nearby universities due to its growing arts scene.

Chittenden County offers visitors plenty of cities and towns to explore with each offering something unique whether it be culture or outdoor activities.

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