Entertainment and Attractions in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates

Fujairah will appeal to lovers of history and ancient cultural monuments. The visiting card of the city is the fort in the Old Town, which was built back in 1670, and then destroyed several times during the British bombardments. Now it is a huge restored castle with towers and loopholes. Not far from it is the Archaeological Museum with expositions showing the history of the emirate from ancient times – here are coins, utensils, examples of residential buildings.

Another fort – El-Kheil – is known for being the residence of the ruler of the Arab Emirates (the grandfather of the current emir) for a long time. Tourists can go inside and see the living rooms, bedrooms, corridors, pantries, and then go out to the courtyard and see the production of date molasses.┬áCheck liuxers for customs and traditions of United Arab Emirates.

Even tourists who are far from Islam should look at the Al-Badiya Mosque, which is over 500 years old. It is built in the architectural style of the Ottoman Empire and looks like it was sculpted from sand, but behind the external roughness lies a very elegant interior decoration.

Wadi Wuraiya National Park is an open-air reserve. The river that flows here is one of the few sources of fresh water in the country. The river valley is surrounded by rocky mountains, there is a lot of greenery and a variety of animals, including Arabian leopards and caracals. Archaeological excavations are underway in the park, during which Islamic ancient cemeteries, petroglyphs, and the remains of ancient human settlements have already been discovered.

Fujairah is also famous for the bullfights that take place every Friday from 16:00 to 19:00 along the road leading towards Kalba (Kalba). These fights are not bloody, but rather spectacular, so you should not be afraid of scary scenes. If you wish, you can also visit camel races, and at the same time ride a two-hump. In addition, the emirate has something to offer active tourists: a lot of water sports, mountain climbing, exotic trips along dry riverbeds.

6 things to do in Fujairah

  1. Swim to the island of Snoopy and see all the marine life.
  2. Try real Arabic Turkish coffee and unusual pudding-based desserts.
  3. Attend bullfights that always end without bloodshed.
  4. Go on a jeep safari in the desert.
  5. Buy a handmade silk carpet at the Friday Market.
  6. Visit the Al-Badiya Mosque, which is over 500 years old, and make sure that nothing threatens its safety and beauty.

Fujairah for kids

Quiet, cozy Fujairah cannot yet boast of an abundance of entertainment for the whole family. Playgrounds and standard amusement complexes are only in some hotels and shopping centers. However, young tourists will surely like many “adult” attractions. Among them is the Heritage Village in El Fujairah, where traditional Arab dwellings with all elements of everyday life are accurately reproduced: from dishes to mats. The entertainment program includes ayala folk dances and getting well water using ancient technology.

At the mini-market in the Heritage Village, kids can enjoy fresh fruit, and their parents can enjoy strong aromatic coffee brewed according to an ancient recipe.

Another great place to visit with children is the Ain Al Madhab Gardens: a well-groomed park with walking paths, shady alleys and lawns. The most interesting thing here is on weekends, when folklore performances are organized for visitors with traditional Arabic songs and dances in national costumes.

Fujairah beaches

The emirate of Fujairah has the longest coastline – about 90 km. All beaches belong to hotels, the entrance to which is free for guests. Guests from other hotels can get to the “foreign” beach for a small fee – 20-35 AED. This amount includes the use of sun loungers, umbrellas, toilets and other beach infrastructure.

Regardless of the “star” of the hotel, all the beaches are very clean, they can boast of clear water and white sand without any garbage. Some beaches have open-air freshwater pools where you can safely swim with children. The Gulf of Oman itself is distinguished by picturesque corals and rich marine life; inquisitive dolphins, huge turtles and even sharks that are safe for humans often swim up to the shores.

The beaches of Fujairah are ideal for diving and for a relaxing, measured family vacation.


The climate in Fujairah is significantly different from all other emirates. Its entire territory, with the exception of the coasts, is covered with mountains that protect from the hot wind from the desert. Also, the humidity is higher here than, for example, in Dubai, there is more precipitation, but there is still no real rainy season. In addition, here it is 1-2 degrees cooler and fresher than in neighboring emirates.

The best time to visit the region is September-November and March-April, during this period it is quite warm, but not very hot. In winter it can be a little cool for a beach holiday, and in summer it can be excessively stuffy.

Attractions in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates

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