Fashion Diary

On Zack: Two-layered skirt (acne) with bold zipper. Dress to impress: Sabine former and Susan Schleicher, fashion editors.

Here will find our weekly fashion diary at a glance!

Fashion Diary 2

Fur trim: Fashion Editor Melanie Gaitor in blue Jodhpurs with crease, creamy-white shirt, in a fur vest and a gold heart chain and Brown ankle boots in suede leather. New Stickeria.

Brigitte Bardot with pouty lips-In addition, Stefanie Höfle and Sabine Rodenbäck, beauty editors smile. In full bloom: Pearl necklaces and a beautiful white blossom. Here at you can get more different models of the jewelry.

Made in Italy? Brown braided bag with Italia patch. To the warm up: Fluffy Sheepskin mittens.

Flown in fresh from Paris: The Brown wool dress by fashion editor Sabine Eichstedt. Due to-chocolate brown stockings and leather boots. Blue brother: BRIGITTE Editor Till Räther in the blue sweater over a light blue shirt and dark denim. And a splash of color in the end: the bright yellow laces.

Women's Wool Dress

Genuine rivets: Black velvet vest (Day Birger et Mikkelsen) with sequins – and rivet trim black blouse and gold chain. Top! Black shoes with gold buckles and studs (top shop).

On up close: Fashion Assistant, Mareike Diettrich with printed cloth (Hoss Intropia) and gray Wool Sweater. Green day: Petrol green wool Blazer over the floral jumpsuit.

“Flureszierend”: BRIGITTE-Sales Manager Sven Lüdemann in the casual College look-in the grey-blue Cardigan, dark blue shirt, faded jeans and grey chucks. Red Black Alliance: Beauty editor Stefanie Höfle in red blouse, black Pencilskirt, black stockings and sexy high heels. The matching Nail Polish completes the look!

Fashion Diary 1

Weatherproof packed: Fashion intern Mille with knit CAP, scarf, grey sweater, Navy Blue Blazer, faded jeans and sturdy brown leather shoes. Alone: Taupe Peeptoe pump with decorative fringes (Buffalo London).

Keep longer than a bouquet of flowers: Fashion editor Lesley Sevriens combines her ankle flower dress with a black Lederjäckchen. Doll crochet stockings.

Watching: Fashion Assistant Sophia Costima in the blue-and white striped shirt, black Blazer, sand-colored Chinohose and cute braided hairstyle. Fine checkered! Black and white, the bet remains jacket.

Fashion Diary 3

Curry with lilac: Striped wool sweater in autumn colors and simple link chain in gold. Refreshment! Who’s birthday, will be rewarded with a pretty decorated desk!

Black is beautiful: Editor-in-Chief Brigitte Huber from Kopf to walk in an elegant black. Pretty Fußion: ballerinas + rivets.

Ahoy! Fashion Assistant in the classic marine look. A strip of Hazzard-pretty customary (from left to right): fashion assistants Carolina Ramsay and Mareike Diettrich, fashion editor Lesley Sevriens and fashion Assistant Sophia Costima.

Here will find our weekly fashion diary at a glance!

Text: Lesley Sevriensy photos: Lesley Sevriens/Mareike Diettrich