Frequently Asked Questions About the Sleeping Bag

1.) How to choose the right size sleeping bag?

Sleeping bag size is an important parameter. According to the model WARMPEACE manufactures two (180 and 195 cm) or three sizes (170, 180, 195cm). These numbers indicate the height of the person who is going to use, but the sleeping bag is designed with some reserve size.

An example: A user of 184cm in height, must decide whether to sack of 180 or 195 sizes. In this case it is necessary to take into account some aspects more. If the customer wants less weight and save some of the money, 180 is recommended. This size is acceptable by its length, but there will be less free interior space. If the user decided to 195, there will be more free space and you can get into the sack, for example, more than I have, but it is heavier, bulkier and more expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Sleeping Bag 1

(2) What affects the thermal qualities of a sleeping bag?

There are no sleeping bag that can be taken as universal. Different environments require different demands, leading to commitments and characteristics different from sleeping bags.

During the election of the SAC, it is important to decide for the user of the sack that type needs according to where and how it will be used. There are 3 General categories: summer, winter or 3 stations. The sacs in each category are different according to the following basic features:

Frequently Asked Questions About the Sleeping Bag 2

Outer material – affects the expansion of the filling of the bag. If the Outer fabric of bag is heavy sack weighed more and more importantly will not allow the filling of the bag to expand as it should, and this negatively affects the thermal behavior, especially if the filling is feather. Other important parameters to choose a bag Outer fabric are its impermeability and its breathability.

Filling type – synthetic or feather. Filling of the sleeping bag type affects the thermal behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Sleeping Bag 3

(3) Would mean that the values of comfort, limit and extreme temperatures?

The temperature rating are laboratory in 13537 standard measurements. These numbers may be difficult (as measured in the best conditions…) and should not be the only parameter for the election of a sack. Comfort temperature and temperature limit are range of temperatures in which the person should sleep with comfort (in ideal conditions) and without feeling cold. But this affects many external factors such as moisture from the air, fitness and fatigue of the user, the residual moisture in the bag stuffing… It extreme temperature is only indicative, with the outside temperature, it should be possible to sleep in the sack, but without comfort.