Hats Where and How to Use Them

Girls are going through the hottest season of the year and with it we must protect ourselves from the evils that the sun makes our skin using not only the good old sunscreen, like the hat.

Hats Where and How to Use Them 1
The most used style that makes an amazing look, elegant and chic is the Panama used for ages by the Rascals Sambistas of Rio de Janeiro he still has a captive place in the head of many people. They are used in the most diverse shapes possible, there are the darkest and lighter, can be used with scarf tied to the station’s tones to stay even more the face of the summer.
Hats Where and How to Use Them 2
Those that do not follow the fashion scratches, but follow the pattern of protecting the skin there are those hats with UV protection. Many of these hats, follow some more sophisticated models, to cater to those more fashionable women in fashion.
Women who are adept at sport on the beach, the same ideal is the good old hat that is a good request in any outdoor situation, out which is safer when those summer winds hit the beach.
Hats Where and How to Use Them 3
Also watch out to choose a hat that has your face or your style, otherwise, may end up with a look. Ideally, the person who wears the hat, knows how to carry it and does not cause a stranger to whom he wears and also who sees.
An important tip is:Never, enter the enclosed environment using any kind of hat or cap. The etiquette rule says:Hats should be used outdoors.
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