How to Choose My Pillow

Different Levels Of Firmness

Even if the choice of the firmness of the pillow is a very personal choice, your position overnight is an indicator to advise you:

-Firm pillow : sleeping on the side

-Pillow medium : to sleep on your back

-Pillow : sleeping on your stomach

Types of upholstery

How to Choose My Pillow 1

The down

The down is very appreciated for its lightness and loft. It is also the choice of tradition and authenticity.

The story accompanying the down in the pillow adds resilience.

More the % of down, the more your pillow will be fluffy and soft.

In respect of animal welfare, no upholstery used in our pillows comes from live animals. Our duvets and feathers come from birds slaughtered for meat consumption and we do that recover the plumage in order to make an exceptional upholstery. There is therefore no animal suffering linked to plucking.


Thefeather pillow and duvet is machine washable. We recommend regularly shake to distribute the material, and thus to maintain absolute comfort.

Respecting maintenance tips, your down pillow should ensure a beautiful nights in 3 or 4 years. Feel free to replace it when it loses its properties.

Moreover, the addition of a pillow protects increase more life protecting perspiration and saliva.

Synthetic fiber


How to Choose My Pillow 2

The many years of research & development of Epillowcases allow us to personalize pillow cases with the latest technology.

There are responding to the needs of each fiber: anti-mite, thermoregulation, touch down, lightness, inflating etc.


The synthetic pillows are recommended for people with allergies.

Ease of maintenance

The products are machine washable and dry simplified. So, sleep in a healthier environment becomes easier.

What size?

The comfort of a pillow is very personal. The two most common forms are the square (60 x 60 or 65 x 65) and the rectangle (45 x 70 or 50 x 70).

To sleep, we recommend the use of a rectangular pillow that offers maximum comfort in all positions and a perfect maintenance.

The square format is also perfect to lean, especially in versions “medium” or “closed”.

Remember to choose a pillow for your pillowcase or indulge yourself with our collection of bed linen where you will probably find a pillowcase and a color according to your expectations.

How to Choose My Pillow 3

The different types of treatment

Anti-mite Proneem®

Formulated using Neem Oil, Proneem® is a treatment 100% natural assets.

Neem Oil is used for thousands of years in traditional Indian medicine, Ayurveda. Anti-parasite powerful, Neem Oil scientifically demonstrated his action against mites.

Anti-mite Microstop®

Heart MICROSTOP® anti-mite treatment since its anti-acariennes performance remains excellent even after 30 household washes at 60 ° C. This treatment has the label is accepted for Oeko – Tex Standard 100. Oeko-Tex is an ecolabel issued to textile and clothing producers that meet a specific specifications respecting production ecology, human ecology, the ecology of waste treatment.

Anti-spot Teflon®

The treated tissue Teflon® stain repel liquids without negative effect on the air permeability. This technology allows liquids to beads and slip of the surface of the fabric.