How to Make a Wall Clock With Cardboard

The day has already arrived. My first Challenge Handyman is here and I’m excited.First of all, I want to thank the participating blogs with all my heart and Leroy Merlin for their trust in this project. And now, without further delay, let’s see the work I have prepared for this Handyman Challenge in which the theme is Decoration.

How to Make a Wall Clock With Cardboard

He had wanted to make a clock for a long time. Once I got the mechanism, which cost me, “alone” was a matter of deciding what style to give and how to do it. The shape and main material was clear: round and cardboard lol. But it was necessary to dress it, to make it an object of decoration. The cracking technique I’ve always liked.

How to Make a Wall Clock With Cardboard1

I had already done some cracking work on glass ( glass tray ) and I had really liked the result. So the combination of decoupage and craquele or crackle were the perfect solution. I got some napkins that looked perfect but I needed to get the perfect colors to complete the job.

How to Make a Wall Clock With Cardboard2

Quite extensive, to my husband’s irritation that as most men only recognize the colors they say “lifelong” hahaha. This reminds me that a little while ago, something was already commented on the network. Well, what happened to me was that I did not find the perfect blue to combine with the bike’s image and the cracked finish. He was losing me through the painting area of ​​my Leroy Merlin store where I found that blue he was looking for kitchen decor. I had it all to start my clock.

How to Make a Wall Clock With Cardboard3

The necessary materials are:
-3mm pen
-Acrylic paints-Plaster
-Decorated napkins
-Clock mechanism – Decoration
-Hot silicone

Here you have the video where you can see the step by step how to do is clock. Do not miss it.

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And now to see the works of all participating blogs that are sure to be incredible. On the 27th, the result will be communicated with all votes on social networks. Good luck to all!!

!!The Prizes Are Already Here!

First of all, I want to thank each and every one of the participating blogs with all my heart for their collaboration, enthusiasm and fellowship. You could not have had better company for this trip. I also want to thank LEROY MERLIN for her collaboration and sponsorship to make a challenge a little different. THANKS TO ALL!!

You know the voting process has been the most fun of all. Yesterday afternoon I had a really good time watching the positions alternating as the votes came. Had to live it !!!