How to Reuse Your Water Bottle

You reutilizas your water bottles?

You one of those who care about the environment feel guilt about water bottles that you use? You can choose to reuse the bottle you have to fill it in your home or office.

How to Reuse Your Water Bottle

However, it is necessary to take some simple steps to avoid that grown bacteria and harm your health.

These measures are:

1 you must wash daily with SOAP and water bottle, let it drain.

  1. take care that does not deteriorate the bottle, since the scratches, scrapes, and rods in the body of the bottle can accumulate dirt, bacteria and fungi that will be transmitted to you by drinking the water.

How to Reuse Your Water Bottle 1

3 notice that your bottle is PET, and although the water bottles are designed for single use only. To be PET they can be used more times if you wash them and are not physically impaired. You will notice if a bottle is PET to turn it around, you see a symbol of a small triangle. Emerging studies that confirm that these bottles do not offer any health hazard have been. Your life depends on how try it it.

To fill a bottle, made with PURIFIED water.

How to Reuse Your Water Bottle 2

4 If you’ve washed a stainless steel water bottle like those on and you’ve left it with water, forgotten for a few days since fungi may be forming, better throw it and get another. In addition, when you wash them and let them drain you no delay in filling it.

  1. micro-organisms of saliva can cause diarrhea and stomach pain, especially in children; so don’t forget to wash the bottle daily.
  2. the recycling codes indicate the type of plastic used for their manufacture. The lower, the risk that poses to health is lower. Do not buy products packaged with the numbers 3, 7 and 10 because they indicate the presence of Bisphenol a. relies on those bottles with numbers 1, 2, 4 and 5 which indicated that the material is free of polystyrene expandable, phthalate and Bisphenol A.
  3. If you are decide @ to recycle bottles, you can also choose to purchase a special water bottle either in stainless steel or plastic PET resistant.
  4. last but not least, if you’re going to fill a bottle, do it with PURIFIED water.

How to Reuse Your Water Bottle 3