How to Use Different Types of Hat

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The Hat, one of the oldest and most used accessories for women, for years was fashion and trend due to that, today we have various styles and models, each for a type of occasion and personality, the Brazilian women use little but as he’s recently everyone is sticking again.

How to Use Different Types of Hat 3

I particularly love hat in woman, let any look more stylish and more personal, taking a breath just your, very authentic. So it is true that many famous and even Princesses and Queens do not cease to use whenever possible.

Learn different types of hats and learn how to enter them on the look.

Panama Hat

The Panama Hat contrary to popular belief is not of Panama, your source is. The model is traditionally closed made wefts with clear the plant straw Carludovica palmata.
I consider this hat super Brazilian, has much to do with tropical style of our country, I believe that is why it is so popular here. If you want to make a style means more sports, a beach that hat is ideal, no errors.
A perfect look for the Panama Hat is clothes jeans, thin fabric shirt and well colored and a flip flops.

How to Use Different Types of Hat 2

Fedora Hat

The fedora object model is very similar to Panama, what differs is your material that is felt. Emerged at the beginning of the 20th century, was originally a hat worn by men and was part of the costume.
This hat is great because democratic awfully combine with various styles. When used to look a more Bohemian air of sophistication.
Combine the hat with pants and long skirts. If you want to leave the more diverse look, bet on a delicate dress.

Women's Fedora Hat

Coconut Hat

Originating in the late 19th century, the hat has the roundest Cup coconut and the tabs well curved. Was also a Hat used by men, especially in formal situations, soon after the first world war.
The bowler hat requires style to be used, but if you want to create a look more stripped model is perfect. Use in occasions like tours, concerts and festivals. Can be used both for winter as summer.
To compose a look with the hat use black pieces, but if you do not want to leave the visual loaded, complement with lighter colors or stamped parts.

Clochê Hat

He appeared between the decades of 20:30 and was used by independent women of the time. The format is similar to your Bell and is characterized by having fallen tabs.
Reference in any romantic wardrobe, hat clochê should be used if you want to leave your visual look girlie. Most models still add ties and delicate colours to match more with this style. Use in nocturnal events that call for a more delicate.
Dresses and delicate items are beautiful with the hat. If you do not want to be so doll face, wear sexier, like pumps and leather coat.

How to Use Different Types of Hat 1

Floppy Hat

With large and well rounded Cup tabs, the floppy hat is romantic and stripped at the same time. Much used by hippies in the decades of 60 and 70, the model is the Darling among several women and super used in festivals.

His hippie-chic atmosphere, brings visual a touch of elegance. It is great for warmer climates, just know choose the template that will use. It is also perfect in looks for cold days, with casacões and heavier parts. The important thing is to match it properly and balanced look.

To compose a visual perfect with it, use it with vestidões.

Remember: if it’s cold, bet on the hat! RS

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