Jaipur and Kerala, India


Jaipur is a mysterious and beautiful city with a rich historical past, cultural traditions and interesting architecture. It was founded in 1727 by the prominent statesman and scholar Maharaja Jai ​​Singh II. The city was built according to a single plan, at that time it was the only city in India with a rectangular layout. During the construction, pink stone was abundantly used, which is why the city is often called “pink”. Jaipur is one of the most famous tourist centers in India, there is everything for tourists here – picturesque views, beautiful architecture, untold riches collected in local museums, unique culture, colorful atmosphere and amazing shopping, the best “jewelry” purchases are traditionally made in Jaipur! The culmination of the trip, as a rule, is a visit to the Amber Fort, where tourists climb on elephants,

Sights of Jaipur
One of the main attractions of the city is the City Palace with rich marble carvings, with beautiful halls of harmonious proportions, cool pink stone courtyards and strict English parks. It recalls the days when rumors about the chivalry and nobility of the Rajpurs roared throughout the country. It was here that all solemn ceremonies and military parades took place.

As the story goes, Maharaja Madho Singh II carried water from the Ganges in these giant vats when he traveled to London aboard a specially chartered sea liner. The Maharaja was on his way to the coronation ceremony of Edward II in 1902. He became the first ruler of Jaipur to set foot on English soil. These silver vessels, due to their size, also found a mention in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The City Palace complex includes the equally famous Hawa Mahalor the Palace of the Winds, which got its name from its unique ventilation system. Hawa Mahal has become almost a symbol of Jaipur and its hallmark. It is an architectural marvel. The facade of this five-story building is decorated with 953 windows. It was originally built as a temple in 1799, but Sawai Singh decided to place his harem here. He had good taste! Through the latticed balconies, the women of the Maharaja’s harem could watch the festive processions without the risk of being seen from the street.

Jal Mahal, located in the middle of a small lake, a few kilometers west of Jaipur. The Lake Palace was the summer residence of the royal family. Palaces on the water are very popular in India.

Amber Fortress (Amber Fort) Amber is a classical Rajasthani style fort-palace. Its construction was started in 1592 by Mai Singh I and completed by his descendant Jai Singh I. The murals depicting scenes of war and hunting are decorated with inlay of precious stones and mirrors, which is typical for many palaces in India. In front of the palace is a large and beautiful lake. In addition to the traditional way to get there by car or rickshaw, you can go to the fortress along winding paths, sitting on the back of an elephant, as the local rulers once did. For lack of time, I did not do this, although I regret it a little.


Kerala is the most idyllic state of India. Relaxing on the beaches there is combined with effective Ayurvedic treatment, and rich cultural traditions are happy to “season” with exotic cuisine. In addition, Kerala is also a very socially developed state: clean, peaceful and with the lowest infant mortality rate.

The capital is Trivandrum.

The local climate is tropical, mild and very even. There are two monsoon periods: in June-July and in October. Rains are possible throughout the year. The hottest period is March-April, the air temperature during the day is +28..36 °C, at night – +24..30°C. The rest of the time, the average air temperature during the day is +20..28°C, at night – +18..25°C. “High tourist season” – from December to April.

Kerala Beaches
In some areas, the sea is rough, and it is not safe to swim there. But near many resorts there is a lagoon, on the far shore of which there is a clean, beautiful and calm beach. Guests are taken there by boat.
Kappad is a “historical” beach where Vasco da Gama personally landed at one time (now, in honor of this memorable event, a column was “landed” there, at which motley flocks of tourists got into the habit of taking pictures). The beach is sandy, very quiet and calm, not too crowded.

Alapuzha is popular as a place of relaxation. The area there is very picturesque – lagoons, lakes, many rivers. The beach is sandy, at one end there are dense palm thickets. The Vijaya Beach Amusement Park is also located there with picnic areas, a playground and boating.

Varkala is one of the most popular resorts in Kerala, mainly due to the local healing mineral springs gushing from the high cliffs surrounding the beach. The locals know the art of a special massage and apply it to the bodies of vacationers for a moderate fee.

Kovalam is a natural bay ideal for kayaking, swimming, surfing and water skiing. In many places, small coral reefs stretch along the coast here, between which you can swim on catamarans. Coastal waters are clean and calm. The local beach can be divided into three sections: southern (“Beach at the lighthouse”, the most popular), middle (Hawah) and northern (Samudra). Along the entire coast, there are many shops and stalls with national clothes, jewelry, handicrafts of local craftsmen, as well as various restaurants.
Marari Beach, which has not yet become a well-known place, offers its rare visitors a long stretch of excellent sand and palm groves. It is best to come there for those who are looking for maximum privacy. A new hotel, The Marari Beach, was built on the beach, designed in the style of a local settlement, but equipped in accordance with the latest requirements.
Beypore was one of the most developed seaports of Kerala in ancient times. Local docks are still inspected by curious tourists, while ordinary Indian people are building “ur” there – traditional Arab merchant ships. An impressive bridge of huge stones was built there, protruding into the sea for almost two kilometers. Not far from the beach is Pukot Lake, where you can rent a boat to ride on the lake and visit the freshwater aquarium.

In Kerala, tourists are waiting for travel through the jungle, nature reserves and spice plantations, swimming on houseboats through lagoons and backwaters, visiting lake, mountain and beach resorts. There is also the famous Cochin – a city on a dozen islands. For the past twenty centuries, Arabs, Chinese, Jews, Portuguese, Dutch, British and Indians have ruled there in turn.

In the small settlement of Guruvayur is the sacred Temple of Krishna. In addition, the Javkhar National Park is interesting, vast and very beautiful.

Kerala, India

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