Jersey Trend

It seems that little seed of sportswear continues bearing fruit! After the varsity jackets and baseball tees (as English, phew!) the Belle of the ball are the jerseys. You know those shirts of football, basketball and the like? They are popping up everywhere.

Jersey Trend

Of course, just like the last ten times we spoke of a tendency here, Rihanna and Miley are already participating. But this story is another trendsetter: Isabel Marant! In fact, that your collection is not as recent as well, but finally the look hit the streets and shops. For some time, we have seen many looks with the web part. You have to dress like the version of Chiara.

Jersey Trend 1

We think you can be super cool, especially in a casual look more sophisticated. With skinny jeans and a jump is a show! We found some really cool jerseys on the internet:

Jersey Trend 2

It didn’t take long for the fashionistas versions arise jerseys. They weren’t cool with names of fashion designers? Rolls also an option more pop, with the names of Kanye, Kate and Emmanuelle Alt. Pity that these are more expensive. Have more models to the “literally” are more baratex.

Jersey Trend 3