The JPEG comes from the English term Joint Photographics Experts Group. This is the name of a group that developed a methodology for compressing image files.

JPEG is an acronym. It is an abbreviation of terms constituted by the first letters that make it up. The difference between acronym and abbreviation is the acronym, it reads letter by letter, while the acronym is a reading of syllables.

The JPEG format is one of the standards used on the internet due to its image quality and mainly to allow the generation of small files and easy to broadcast.


Nowadays, JPEG is a widely used method for people that want to compress images, photos and files that have that extension type.

This method of compression was released in the year 1983, allowing users to make the reduction of files, keeping images with high definition quality, provided that there is no exaggeration in the compression and avoiding-if you save often the same file.

As the image quality is considerably good, this technique JPEG, becomes a great ally of several users of digital technologies, along with PNG and GIF.

It is important to note that every time a JPEG image is saved, you can decrease its quality. This happens because when you save the image the program makes a compression at a minimum.


Of course the lower you get the file, unless you require it. But it is possible to make the compression so as to eliminate data with no compromise in image quality, since the level of compression can be determined by image processing software.

JPEG in addition to being a method, it is also the name given to the file format. There are several formats of image files. Some allow higher quality of the files and compression as is the case with JPEG.

Extension is a way to sort the files into groups. In the case of files that have the JPEG format, the extension é.jpg. Text files, for example, have extensão.txt.


The JPEG has the ability to work with almost 16.8 million colors, 24 bit. This, coupled with the possibility of reduction of the files, makes the JPEG format excellent for the production of photographs in digital cameras.