Legacy Parkway, Utah

Legacy Parkway

Begin North Salt Lake
End Farmington
Length 12 mi
Length 19 km
1 → Salt Lake City

4 500 South

7 Parrish Lane

11 South Ogden

12 Park Lane

13 → Ogden / Helena

According to Existingcountries, the Legacy Parkway is a freeway in the U.S. state of Utah. The road is part of the larger Legacy Highway project, and the first section of it opened in 2008. The Legacy Parkway has been numbered Utah State Route 67 and the highway runs in 2×2 lanes parallel to Interstate 15 north of Salt Lake City. The route is 19 kilometers long.

Travel directions

In North Salt Lake, just north of Salt Lake City itself, the Legacy Parkway begins at an interchange with Interstate 215, Salt Lake City’s three-quarter ring road. The highway then runs north with 2×2 lanes, the distance of the parallel Interstate 15 varies from 3 kilometers to 100 meters. The road runs west of the suburb of Bountiful, and also runs close to the Great Salt Lake. For the last few miles to Farmington, the highway runs right along I-15 with just a railroad track in between. In Farmington, the Legacy Parkway ends at an interchange with Interstate 15. Straight ahead US 89to Fruit Heights and through to Ogden.


The Legacy Parkway is part of the Legacy Highway project, a planned highway to run parallel to Interstate 15 from Nephi to Brigham City. The current Legacy Parkway is only part of the total planned route. Construction of the Legacy Parkway began in 2004 and was later halted due to EIA lawsuits. An agreement was reached in September 2005, which included a ban on billboards, trucks and a speed limit of only 55 mph. (90 km/h). Construction began again in March 2006 and opened on September 13, 2008 at a cost of $685 million.

Opening history

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I-215 (North Salt Lake) I-15 (Farmington) 19 km 13-09-2008


The route will be extended as the ‘West Davis Highway’. Phase one is a 16-mile stretch from the Legacy Parkway in southern Farmington, west of the settlement, to 4,500 W at West Point. On February 11, 2021, a contractor was contracted to construct this section for $475 million. This route should be opened by mid-2024.

A second future phase will include an extension further north, initially a short stretch to 1800 North at West Point, later on to I-15 at Ogden.


At first glance, the Legacy Parkway seems to have little added value for traffic, since Interstate 15 runs parallel for a short distance. The Legacy Parkway was built with the future in mind, the area of ​​central and northern Utah along I-15 is experiencing very rapid population growth, and I-15 is the only highway through this area. Portions of I-15 have already been widened to 2×5 or 2×6 lanes, but this is not expected to be sufficient, and the entire area between Brigham City and Nephi (225 kilometers) will be urbanized in the future, with only I-15 will no longer suffice. The great Legacy Highway project is quite controversial.

The Legacy Parkway had a truck traffic ban from opening. This expired on January 1, 2020. A proposal to extend the ban was defeated in the Senate in 2019. The speed limit has also been increased from 55 to 65 mph since then.

Traffic intensities

28,000 vehicles drive on the Legacy Parkway every day.

Mountain View Corridor

Get started Saratoga Springs
End Salt Lake City
Length 35 mi
Length 56 km

According to anycountyprivateschools.com, the Mountain View Corridor, numbered largely as State Route 85 (SR-85), is a developing freeway in the U.S. state of Utah. The highway is to run through the western suburbs of Salt Lake City and eventually form a second north-south corridor through the region. The planned length is 56 kilometers.

Travel directions

The Mountain View Corridor runs from south to north through the west of the urbanized valley in which Salt Lake City is located. The route runs parallel to Interstate 15 for 4 to 11 miles. On a large part of the route, only the frontage roads have been built and the missing grade-separated main carriageways have been constructed.

The route begins at the southern suburb of Lehi, where there are two branches, from State Route 73/145 and from I-15. These together form a northern and western bypass of Lehi. After that, a few kilometers are missing and the route starts again near Bluffdale. The route then heads along the western edge of Salt Lake City’s urbanized valley. Along the southern suburbs, only the ground-level frontage roads are in use. To the north, the road also partly already has grade-separated main carriageways. This section is more of a built-up area of ​​West Valley City. West of Salt Lake City it follows an interchange with State Route 201. Soon after, the highway ends at 1300 South, 2 miles south of Interstate 80.


After 2000, the development of a second north-south highway through the urbanized region along the Wasatch Range was considered. In 2008, the Legacy Parkway opened north of Salt Lake City as its first section. In 2012, the I-15 CORE project was completed in Utah County, widening Interstate 15 to 2×5-2×6 lanes. For the time being, this means that the I-15 corridor has sufficient capacity, but in the long term a second north-south connection is necessary to relieve the I-15.

Phase 1

Phase 1 began in mid-2010, the frontage roads between 5400 S and Porter Rockwell Boulevard (24 kilometers). These frontage roads were opened on December 15, 2012.

At the end of 2010, the second part of Phase 1 was started, namely the cross-connection between I-15 and the Mountain View Corridor at Lehi. Its frontage roads were opened on September 24, 2011.

On October 26, 2019, the frontage roads opened between 2100 North in Lehi and State Route 73 north of Saratoga Springs.

Phase 2

The first part of phase 2 was constructed in 2016-2017, a 3.5 kilometer long section between 5400 S and 4100 S. This section was built directly as a freeway and opened to traffic on November 18, 2017. A second section from 4100 S to 1300 S was constructed between 2019 and 2021 and opened on 17 June 2021. At that time, however, there were still at-grade intersections with 4100 South and 3500 South.

Opening history

Procedure Length Date Remark
I-15 – Redwood Road 4 km 24-09-2011 side branch, frontage roads only
Porter Rockwell Boulevard – 5400 South 24 km 15-12-2012 only frontage roads
West Pioneer Crossing – 2100 North 3 km 26-10-2019 only frontage roads
5400 South – 4100 South 3 km 18-11-2017 straight as freeway
4100 South – 1300 South 10 km 17-06-2021 partly as a freeway, still on the ground floor at the level of 4100 S and 3500 S


The Mountain View Corridor is being developed in phases. Initially, only frontage roads with traffic lights and 2 lanes were constructed on most of the route, with a wide central reservation for the future freeway. The freeway will then be constructed, with 2×2 lanes and a wide median strip, which in phase 3 will allow the expansion to 2×5 lanes with express lanes.

Construction is due to begin in late 2023 on the missing segment near Lehi, between 2100 North and Porter Rockwell Boulevard near Bluffdale.

It has been proposed that the Mountain View Corridor eventually be extended further south, west of Utah Lake, to I-15 at Santaquin. This extension is approximately 65 – 70 kilometers long.

Traffic intensities

Every day, 24,000 vehicles travel on the intersection between I-15 and State Route 85 at Lehi. The frontage roads through southern Salt Lake County often drive 15,000 to 30,000 vehicles a day.

Legacy Parkway, Utah

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