LG G-Slate Tablet

The brand everyone knows:it is stamped on tvs, washing machines, microwaves.But would LG have the guts to enter such a hotly contested market?

LG says yes and wants to offer the best Android tablet on the market. Too much pretense?


LG G-Slate Tablet 1

Analyzing your configuration I do not see any great differential that makes this tablet the best: it comes with Google’s Android 3.0 system. The processor is a 1GHz Nvidia Tegra 2, (equal to the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 and the Motorola Xoom) and its internal memory is 32 GB.

Who knows then the new 4G technology? Android competitors are also incorporating this feature.

Okay. But LG’s tablet also has a microSD card connector, which allows you to expand the memory, as well as making it easier to transfer files between your tablet and a computer. Well, but here again there is nothing new about rivals.

LG G-Slate Tablet


Undoubtedly it’s in the 3D system used on the 8.9-inch screen, which enables high-definition 3D video recording and playback and 3D and HD 1080p video streaming to TVs and other screens.

If this is going to be enough to seduce consumers it will be difficult to predict, but – just like Samsung – LG considers the Brazilian market with great sales potential and this is an indication that the company will sell its tablet here with a distribution strategy and after-sales service.

LG G-Slate Tablet 2

LG has not yet announced the launch date or the price, but the big news is the company’s intention to manufacture the tablet at its factory in Taubaté, in the interior of São Paulo.


LG G-Slate Tablet 3

  • Rear camera with 5 megapixels, stereoscopic 3D, can record 3D video in 1080p resolution (requires 3D glasses).
  • Fast chipset.
  • Clean design, no extra buttons disturbing. The controls are on the sides.
  • MicroUSB input and HDMI output.
  • 5MP rear camera with two lenses for 3D.
  • Battery with up to 10 hours of use.
  • 4G connection (in the US, in partnership with the T-Mobile operator).