Marmaris, Turkey Overview

Maritime Marmaris is a popular beach destination. Beautiful beaches, warm climate and affordable price level are the strengths of Marmaris, loved by tourists.

Called the most beautiful beach resort in Turkey, Marmaris is especially known for its long beach that takes you all the way to the neighboring town.

Known for its beautiful surroundings, Marmaris is a versatile holiday destination that offers activities for both active families with children and sun worshipers who enjoy the evening life. Marmaris is also a great destination for island hikers, as the Greek archipelago is not far away.


Port city and beach resort

Marmaris is located on the Aegean coast in the beautiful Bay of Marmaris. Marmaris has a long history as a port city and has been known by many different names over time. Today, the city lives mainly on tourism, as tourists have flowed to the Turkish coast for decades. However, Marmaris is still an important port city, with both large cruise ships and boats sailing to nearby islands.

Marmaris is a versatile holiday destination. The long, soft sandy beach is perfect for beach holidaymakers and water parks for families with children. A lover of culture can explore the city’s old buildings and go on excursions to Ephesus. Nightlife can celebrate until the wee hours of the morning.

The most famous attraction of the city is Marmaris Castle. Famous excursion destinations are the cliffs of Pamukkale and the city of Ephesus. When it comes to Turkey, historical sights are never far away. From Marmaris, one can make excursions to the stone-carved tombs of Lycia to Dalyan or even to the ancient city of Ephesus.
Although Marmaris is quite modern, there is also a small old town. The main historical attraction of the resort is the fortress built by Sultan Suleiman the Great in the 1520s, which now houses a museum. The site is believed to have been the original fortress 3,000 years before the beginning of time.

The port city of Marmaris is one of the most popular and traditional resorts in Turkey, but tourists also get another resort in the same package. Located right next to Marmaris, Içmeler has grown up with its busier neighbor.

Marmaris is a beautiful beach town with plenty to do for a wide variety of travelers.

An ideal summer destination

Marmaris is especially a summer holiday destination. Daytime temperatures rise above 20 degrees from May to October, and are particularly warm in midsummer. In July – August, mercury rises in Marmaris by more than 30 degrees.

Winters in Marmaris are cool and rainy. The coldest is in January-February, when daytime temperatures remain on average just over ten degrees. It is also worth preparing for cool weather and rain in the spring and late autumn, when nights in particular can be cold.

Summer sun and beach holidays

Marmaris is a favorite especially for beach holidaymakers. The beach is long and soft sandy, and the shimmering sea next to it is crystal clear. Marmaris is a great destination for sun-loving holidaymakers due to its summer climate.

The place is also suitable as a beach holiday destination for families with children. Children and the child-minded can paddle both on the shores of Marmaris and in the water parks. River safaris and diving offer water games for older tastes.

In addition to beach days, you can also spend time shopping in Marmaris. The city has good shopping and the bazaars are sure to take you home. Popular gifts include spices, jewelry and rugs. Bargaining is an integral part of trading, especially in bazaars.

There is plenty of nightlife to delight the night owls. Many nightclubs are open until the wee hours of the morning.

Castles and ruined cities

Although Marmaris is mainly known as a favorite of sun worshipers, the city also has a lot to offer for culture lovers. Marmaris has many attractions with a long history and great cultural significance. There are still old parts of the city itself that breathe the atmosphere of centuries ago.

The most impressive historic building in the city is Marmaris Castle, which today stands at a whopping 5,000 years. Built a couple of thousand years before the beginning of time, the fortress has experienced a lot during its history and the castle has been destroyed more than once. The last major reconstruction was done in the 16th century. As a result of reconstruction and restoration work in recent decades, Marmaris Castle now houses a museum.

In Marmaris you can still find glimpses of the long history of the city – the old districts and cities are the best cultural experiences of a Marmaris holiday. Ephesus is the best preserved ancient site in Marmaris, which was once an important center of science, art and culture. The largest temple in Ephesus is the impressive Artemis.

The castle, which is thousands of years old, is one of the most impressive buildings in Marmaris.


Marmaris is a beautiful beach town

Discover the peace of nature in Marmaris

The city of Marmaris has a lively reputation, but did you know that there is also a national park very close by? The peace of nature can be sought only six kilometers from the resort.

In Marmaris National Park you can go hiking on forest roads and on specially built routes for walkers. The park also has a beach where you can swim. In the national park, for example, rare eastern amber trees grow. Visitors are charged a small entrance fee.

There are also other places of interest in the city. Caunos, for example, is an ancient port city located between two waters, a lake and a sea. One of the most endearing sights in the port city is the rare Caretta caretta turtles.

In addition to the tortoise turtles, Marmaris offers other natural sites of its own. For example, the cliffs of Pamukkale are an interesting attraction. The rocks of Pamukkale were formed when water flowing from the edge of the cliff turned the rocks white.

Fast-paced going for the whole family

Marmaris has a lot of fun to see and do, and it is also easy to find entertainment for those traveling with children. In addition to the long beach, Marmaris has two water parks, of which the Atlantis Water Park in particular is a child’s favorite. In the water park you can go down soaring water slides, bowling and ride in collision boats.

Excitement is also enough for adults if they decide to take part in a river or jeep safari on their Marmaris holiday, dive into the turquoise sea or hover with a paraglider.


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