Meaning of Baby

What is Baby:

In a way, baby means baby or baby/a in English. In colloquial speech also used as love or affection, or chico/a to refer to a person to express affection or love. It can also be used in an ironic and even derogatory way just like the word “Doll”. In the Spanish-speaking world, this word is used in some names of trademarks or places related to children.

The baby in English word covers also other meanings. By ejemplo:

youngest member of a family. An animal breeding. Child or timid person.

Meaning of Baby 1

Baby is pronounced in English /’beɪbi /. The origin of this word seems to be related, in fact, with the first sounds that produces a baby.

The word babe in English is an informal variation. Its pronunciation is /’beɪb /.

Baby shower

Baby shower is a term of Anglo-Saxon origin and refers to a celebration that takes place especially in the United States and which has been expanding to other countries. In some countries is called tea basket or holiday maternity. In this type of holiday gifts are offered to parents to celebrate the birth of your baby. The English word “shower” means, among other meanings, a large number of things that occur or that are given at the same time. In this sense the word applied to baby shower makes reference to the large number of gifts related to the baby given to parents.

Meaning of Baby 2


Baby-sitter means nanny / a or person working on one or more child care while parents are out. In Latin America is also known as nana and Spain uses the word kangaroo.

Baby in the lyrics of songs

Is very common in popular music in English the use of the word baby. For example, in the Britney Spears song “… “Baby one more time” could be translated in several ways: affection, love, nene… In the song Baby Justin Bieber in the sentence “There was nobody compared to my baby…”, the word baby could be translated as my girlfriend or my love.

Meaning of Baby 3