Meaning of Biography

What is the Biography:

Biography is the written history of the lifeof a particular person. The word has etymological origins in the Greek terms bios, meaning “life” and graphein, meaning “write”.

Biography is the description of the particular facts of a person’s life, and it can contain photos that bear witness to the aconteceimentos. It is a document that consists of the trajectory of a person’s life, with accurate data, including names, locations, and dates of the major events.

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As a literary genre, the biography is a narration of the life history of a person, or a character, usually in the third person. Already, the autobiography is when the author exposes his own story in the first person.

The basic structure of a biography usually includes an initial presentation of the protagonist (introduction), the description of the main facts that make up the history (development) and an end part of subjective nature (conclusion).

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In general, are made of the biographies of public figures and recognized worldwide, such as politicians, writers, scientists, athletes, artists, or people who have made a major contribution to the world.

Many times the biographies, especially of celebrities, can cause controversy by disclosing unknown facts including your own family.

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