Meaning of Blog

What is Blog:

Blog is a word that results from the simplification of the term weblog. This, in turn, is the result of the juxtaposition of the words of the English language web and log. The Web appears here with the meaning of the network (the internet), while log is used to designate the activity log or the regular performance of something. In a free translation we can define blog as an “online diary”.

Meaning of Blog 2

Blogs are websites where regularly are published on various content, such as text, images, music or videos, both can be dedicated to a specific subject as being under fairly general. Can be held by one or several people and usually have space for comments from your readers. Blogger is the name given to those who publish on a blog, and the blogosphere is the set of blogs.

Meaning of Blog 3

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Meaning of Blog

The success of this type of internet pages resulted in a lot of the existence of page templates pre-defined and the ease of integration of content provided by some publishing systems. These systems are very simple to use and dispense the knowledge of languages of publication internet pages — such as html, for example. The most popular systems are Blogger and Wordpress.