Meaning of Chlorophyll

what is the chlorophyll:

Chlorophyll is a pigment of green plants, some bacteria and cell prokaryotes that can carry out the process of photosynthesis. The chlorophyll word comes from Greek “χλωρος” or “chloros’ meaning”green”, and”φύλλον”or”fylon”expressing”sheet”.

In the year 1817, chlorophyll was discovered by Pelletier and Canventou chemicals that were able to separate the chlorophyll in the leaves of the plants.

Chlorophyll is located in the chloroplasts of plant cells of the plants, in turn, generally are located in the cytoplasm near the nuclear wall. In addition, chlorophyll is green because it is able to absorb violet, red, blue light and reflect green light, however, at the time of autumn, chlorophyll breaks down and is why that occurs in the leaves of plants a brown or ochre color.

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However, there are different types of chlorophyll, the most common is the chlorophyll A is present in most of the plants and is responsible for absorbing light during photosynthesis, chlorophyll B is present in the chloroplasts of green algae and land plants, absorb light of different length handles and transfers energy to chlorophyll A, chlorophyll C is present in the chloroplasts of Brown algae , diatoms and the haptofitos and, finally, the chlorophyll D is only found in red algae and a Cyanobacterium acaryochloris marina-called.

The chlorophyll in the structure of their molecules has a ring of Porphyrin containing magnesium and its function is to absorb the light, and a hydrophobic chain of Phytol, which maintains the chlorophyll in the photosynthetic membrane. Due to its molecular structure, the chlorophyll through photosynthesis process allows to convert inorganic energy (carbon dioxide and water) into organic energy (carbohydrates) since it is the recipient of the light energy in this process.

Because of this, the chlorophyll is very important to plants, algae and bacteria since it absorbs the radiation of the sunlight required to process organic products that allow the development of their vital activities.

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Medicinal chlorophyll properties

Chlorophyll for human consumption is important sum for its anticancer, antibacterial properties, antioxidants and energizers.

Chlorophyll helps to oxygenate the blood and thus detoxify our body. In addition, chlorophyll helps the digestive system to break down the calcium oxalate stones in order to eliminate the excess acid and is an effective anti-inflammatory.

Chlorophyll helps to reduce high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, as well as, it strengthens the immune system. However, to combat bad breath produced by tobacco, alcohol, and other foods.

In order to enjoy all the benefits provided by the chlorophyll must consume the same, through the intake of vegetables such as: lettuce, spinach, chard, I watercress, among others; green drinks what is known as green drinks and consume it as a supplement, in the health food stores offer liquid chlorophyll.

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