Meaning of Company

what is a company:

A company is an entity with productive elements (capital and labour), dedicated to industrial, commercial activities or services. This term also is used to refer to the set of entities of this type. A ‘company’ is also a task, activity, or an important action considered to be difficult or expensive. Comes from the Italian printed.

Types of company

Different criterio:

Meaning of Company 1

can be used to determine the existing types of company, Depending on the sector of activity, there are three types of company: primary sector, secondary and tertiary or services sector. Depending on the size, companies can be classified into large, medium, small and micro-enterprises. According to the property’s capital a company can be private, public and mixed. Depending on the scope of activity companies are classified as local, provincial, national and multinational. According to the destination of the benefits a company can be with or without profit. According to the legal form, you can talk of proprietorship, society collective, cooperative, limited society limited liability and joint-stock company.

Socially responsible company

Meaning of Company 2

A socially responsible company is an entity that is governed and acts according to a series of principles, norms and values that seek to improve productivity and, somehow, also improve the socio-economic situation of a given place while also respecting the environment. A company of this type usually count on strategies, policies, projects or programmes which aim to promote the development of a population or area. Means that a company with this feature not only respects legislation topics as the management of waste or minimum wages, but forms of organization and operation give a voluntary response to the needs of the society


Meaning of Company 3

a microenterprise is a type of entity that has a capital and a work dedicated to an activity that tends to have a small number of employees. This figure is usually placed around 10 people depending on the type of activity. The INEGI of Mexico, classifies a company in this category when no more than 30 workers (in the industry), workers (business sector) 5 and 20 workers (in the services sector).

Also means that a small business has an annual turnover lower in comparison with small, medium and large companies. Similarly, it is considered that the volume of assets of the year of a small business does not exceed certain figures. These may vary according to each country.

This type of companies, considered individually, does not have a great impact on the global market since they do not handle large volumes of products or large numbers of capital. However, considered together, especially at the local level, micro-enterprises have great economic importance, with expandability and in many cases stimulate and offer specific products and services, such as handmade products of great interest.