Meaning of Dad Bod

What is Dad bod:

The term dad bod is an English neologism, a new stereotype of man, which is characterized by escape from the traditional standards of aesthetics of physical beauty, flabby muscles and belly overhang, or as known traditionally, beer belly.

As dad bod, referred to the so-called “parents”, he is a human being natural and appealing, is not obese but also possesses a body full of muscles. It is a human being who eventually visit the gym, drink much and eats everything that can cause without any remorse or care before his physical.

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The definition

dad bod was created by Mackenzie Pearson, a North American 19-year-old student, after talking with her friends from school, I published an article in his blog “The odyssey”, explaining the advantages of this model of masculine stereotype can offer in a relationship. According to Pearson, the woman beside a dad bod does not feel intimidated, or ugly, quite the contrary, is considered the center of attentions.

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The dad bod was considered a new trend that attracts women, some dad bod are known in the world of Fame: Leonardo DiCaprio, Adam Sandler, John Hamm, among others. The dad bod is opposition and substitution of the metrosexuals and lumbersexuales, antagonistic models among themselves but which favor the preservation of a strong and muscular body.

In the meantime, this new Word and trend has created controversies and opinions, as Time magazine that he considers this definition as a “sexist atrocity” and the British Dayli Mail as “hot trend of the moment”, in relation to the last is a concept that became viral, and even with pages on social networks dedicated to these types of men.

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