Meaning of Dentist

what is dentist:

A dentist, also called dentist, is a dental professional. Dentistry, as such, is the branch of medicine that focuses on the study, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases and ailments that affect the teeth and oral cavity in general (lips, tongue, gums, cheeks, palate, tonsils, etc.).

Etymologically, the word dental is a derivation of dentistry, which in turn comes from the Greek ὀδών (odon), ὀδόντος (odontos), which means ‘tooth’, and – λογία (-logia), ‘study’, ‘Treaty’.

Meaning of Dentist 1

Forensic dentist

The forensic dentist is that a dental professional specializing in the branch of dental legal medicine. As such, the forensic dentist is responsible for the management, analysis and presentation of the dental evidence that may be useful for Justice, from there that their activity is linked to the areas of labour, civil and criminal law. Its functions, in this sense, include activities such as the determination of the identity of a corpse from the teeth, as well as various types of research where the dental evidence is relevant, such as abuse or assaults.

Meaning of Dentist 2

Dentist Pediatric

The dentist pediatrician, child dentist or odontropediatra is that dental professional specializing in the care, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and dental problems in children. Part of its role is preventive, early detection of possible anomalies in the development of the denture. The Pediatric Dentistry general dentistry with fundamental difference lies in that the first is temporary, and, in this regard teeth, takes care of the healthy growth of the permanent teeth.

Dentist orthodontist

Meaning of Dentist 3

A dentist orthodontist is a dental professional specializing in the field of orthodontics. Orthodontics, as such, is responsible for the study, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of anomalies in the teeth, in the form, as in the position and the function. In this sense, one of the functions of the orthodontist is correction of teeth by applying different mechanisms, such as removable appliances or braces, which can correct the position and function of teeth.