Meaning of Egg

what is the egg:

The egg is a cell spawning, egg shape, located in the ovaries of women and mammals, likely to be fertilized by a sperm, giving rise to a Zygote.

In the year 1827, the eggs were discovered by the biologist Karl Erns Von Baer.  The word egg origin is latin “ovŭlum” which comes from the diminutive of “ovum” which means “hollow”.

Eggs are haploid cells, carriers of the genetic material, created in the ovaries through meiosis of an oocyte, originating an egg by the process of oogenesis, which occurs periodically through ovulation. Because of this, women mature an egg every 28 days, i.e., the egg leaves the ovary and reach the fallopian tubes, causing the process of menstruation, and when this is broken is known as pregnancy.

Meaning of Egg 1

In the pharmaceutical industry, the egg is a solid, egg-shaped, which is inserted through the vagina in order to treat single or mixed infections, the most common symptoms of these infections are: burning, itching, white or yellowish, flow among others.

In the area of Botany, ovum is also part of the female body that turns into a seed after fertilization.

Egg donation

Egg donation is the installment of some eggs from one woman to another in order to get a son. Egg donation performed by adult women with problems in the ovaries, suffering from menopause at early age, due to several failed in vitro fertilization treatment or loss of pregnancies on several occasions.

Meaning of Egg 2

In egg donation is a giver and receiver, in which the recipient should receive a treatment that allows to develop endometrial mucosa able to implant embryos and allow for the development of the same. Nonetheless, the egg recipient, the donor and the latter pair must present similar characteristics both physical as blood type, since it is that the baby looks like her parents.

In Mexico, there is no legislation regulating egg donation, this procedure is carried out 10 years ago and is governed by the laws of Spain, which shows among many other points that the egg donor must be aged between 18 and 35 years, the recipient of eggs is chosen by the doctors themselves and they should receive compensation for the dedication in this procedure.

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