Meaning of Electricity

what is the electricity:

Electricity is a set of phenomena produced by the movement and the interaction between positive and negative electrical charges of the bodies. It is also the branch of physics that studies this kind of electrical phenomena. Commonly refers to electricity to refer to electric current.

Comes from the latin electrum and in turn from the Greek ήλεκτρον (elektron, ‘Amber’).

Static electricity

Static electricity is a phenomenon that arises in a body possessing electric charges at rest. Bodies are normally neutral (same number of positive and negative charges), but when they electrify can acquire a positive or negative electrical charge. One of the ways of getting static electricity is through rubbing.

Meaning of Electricity 1

The process by which a body takes a load is called electrostatic induction. Bodies with electric charge of the same type to repel and attract different types of. Some examples of materials with a tendency to lose electrons are cotton, glass and wool. Some materials with a tendency to capture electrons are metals such as silver, gold and copper.

Dynamic electricity

Dynamic electricity is produced by a permanent source of electricity that causes the permanent movement of electrons through a conductor. These permanent sources of electricity may be chemical or electromechanical.

An example of dynamic electricity is that there is an electrical circuit that uses as a source of electricity, a battery or a Dynamo.

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Electricity and magnetism

Electricity and magnetism are the physical phenomena that are interrelated. One of the ways in which electricity manifests is through magnetism, which is a type of electrical current that produces magnetic fields. These, in turn, can produce electric current.

The study of both phenomena in a joint manner is a branch of physics called electromagnetism.

Conductors and insulators of electricity

Conductors of electricity are the goods that offer little resistance to the passage of electric current. Conductors are metals such as copper, silver, gold and aluminium. Are also drivers some liquid compounds such as acids, bases and salts dissolved.

Meaning of Electricity 3

Electricity isolates are materials that offer much resistance to the passage of electric current. Some examples of insulators are plastic, glass, and distilled water.