Meaning of Emoji ?

What is the Emoji ?:

Emoji is of japanese origin, composed by the junction of the elements and (the image) and moji (the letter), and is considered to be a pictogram or ideogram, or a picture that conveys the idea of a word or a whole phrase.

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Currently, the emojis are very popular on social networks (Facebook, mostly) and in communications of instant messaging, such as WhatsApp, for example.

The popularity and influence of the emojis is so important in the communications contemporary that, in 2015, one of these emoticons has been chosen with “The Word of the Year” (“The Word of the Year”, in Portuguese), by theOxford Dictionary, due to its “significance cultural”.

The first emojis have emerged in Japan in the 1990s, created by Shigetaka Kurita, one of the members of the NTT DoCoMo, the main mobile telephony company in Japan.

The emojis are very useful for transmitting messages quickly, without the need to write explanatory texts.

As says the popular saying: “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

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Types of emojis

The meanings of some of the emojis the most popular:

Emoji Crying with laughter: it is used to represent a happiness or laughter extreme, when a certain thing is very funny.

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Emoji Sending a kiss with the heart: is used when someone wants to send a kiss symbolic to another person, especially someone who loves or has a fondness too great.

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Emoji smiley embarrassed: this emoji is used to express the embarrassment and sympathy when you receive some kind of compliment, for example.

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Emoji love: this smiley face with two eyes in the shape of the heart is used to symbolize infatuation caused by love or passion.

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Emoji thumbs up: this emoji symbolises the approval or consent of an idea or opinion that is shared by another person.

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Emoji dancer: this picture is used mainly as an invitation for parties or to demonstrate a willingness to dance and have fun dancing.

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Emoji incredulous: can symbolize a face of suspicion, and is usually used as a sign of disbelief and skepticism.

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Emoji crying: this emoji is used as a sign of great sorrow or discontent with something. Usually associated with disappointments or losses.

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Emoji screaming: this guy symbolizes the astonishment or surprise in relation to high. This emoji reminds the expression of astonishment of the famous painting “The Scream”, Edvard Munch.

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Emoji winking: this guy can symbolize an act of complicity or consent, and is also used as a sign of flirting.

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Difference between Emoticons and Emojis

Many people consider emoticons and emojis synonyms, however they both have concepts that are quite different.

The term emoticon is the agglutination of two English words: emotion(emotion) and icon (icon), and it consists in the use of graphic characters, to represent human emotions.

The first emoticon was the that represents a happy face “:-)”, developed in 1982 by the american Scott Fahlman.

Already the emojis, in turn, consist of graphic representations that belong to a “picture library” ready, that is, it is not necessary to use characters to form emoticons.

Depending on the operating system of the electronic device, the emojis are represented with different images.