Meaning of Emotional Intelligence

what is emotional intelligence:

As emotional intelligence called the set of psychological abilities of the human being to understand, express and manage own emotions and recognize and understand the others.

In this sense, emotional intelligence is also what allows that people make a conscious use of this information in terms of emotions to lead its way to act, think and interact with others.

Meaning of Emotional Intelligence 1

As such, the concept of emotional intelligence includes everything from personal feelings to the interpersonal, i.e., both partners of the private sphere and self-awareness, such as those related to the social dimension and the ability to understand and develop empathy with the emotions of others.

This skill can develop and apply in the various fields where we operate on a daily basis, such as work, family, couple, studies, etc. Allows us to become aware of what we feel, control our impulses, regulate our States of mind, motivate us and persevere in our endeavours, tolerating pressures and frustrations, avoid anxieties that interfere in our lives, adopt an empathic attitude to others, among other things.

Meaning of Emotional Intelligence 2

In the field of psychology, the concept of ’emotional intelligence’ began to be used by different authors in the 1980’s. However, the phenomenon of mass dissemination and popularization did not come until 1995, when Daniel Goleman published the book emotional intelligence, which became a phenomenon of sales in the United States and until today is considered a reference text in fields such as psychology, marital therapy or business management.

Meaning of Emotional Intelligence 3