Meaning of Extinction

what is endangered:

As extinction is called action and effect of extinction or extinct. In this sense, refers to the process of disappearance or cessation of certain things.

The word, as such, comes from the latin exstinctĭo, exstinctiōnis, which would mean action and effect turn off flame. From there that the concept of extinction can be used to refer to different topics such as, for example, the extinction of fire, sound, of a life, of affection, time, etc.

Extinction in biology

For biology, extinction is the disappearance of all the members of a species. In this sense, a species can be considered extinct from the moment in which their last live specimen dies. Among the causes that can cause extinction of a species is the inability to adapt to the new conditions imposed on a medium, either by environmental changes, either by the emergence of a new species stronger, as it was the case of the dodo, a bird from the island of Mauritius extinct by human action.

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In general, a species is extinguished during the first ten million years since its appearance, however, there are some that exceed this period and even live hundred million years longer without major changes, such is the case, for example, of the cockroach, which has about 300 million years. However, extinction is a natural phenomenon; in fact, it is believed that 99.99% of the species that have existed on earth are extinct.

Mass extinction

As mass extinction is called the event of disappearance mass of a large number of species within a given period of time. The most recent mass extinction that is news is the which occurred between the Cretaceous and tertiary, 65 million years ago, as a result of the impact of an extraterrestrial object on the planet, according to the most accepted hypothesis. This event led to the disappearance of approximately 75% of life on Earth (dinosaurs, flying, aquatic reptiles, etc.).

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Extinction of domain

In Mexico, as extinction of domain is called the legal figure through which the State has the legal power to seize a citizen movable or immovable property that has been used for the Commission of a felony, such as kidnapping, extortion and drug trafficking. In this sense, the extinction of domain formalizes, in law, the possession of these assets by the State and establishes the uses and the provision that this may make them.

Extinction in Linguistics

The language considered as extinction of a language the death of the last speaker purchased as a language native, independent that is continue talking as a second language, or keep as a language of study or liturgical, as it is the case in latin. Extinct languages also usually is known as dead languages.

Extinction in psychology

Psychology is considered as endangered the process by which seeks to conduct diminishes or disappears entirely.

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