Meaning of Facebook

What is Facebook:

Facebook is a free social network that allows users to interact and share content through the internet to interconnect. It was launched in 2004. Its founder is Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook was initially a social network for students at Harvard University, where, to the dessert, was Mark Zuckerberg. However, rapidly expanded also to other U.S. universities.

In the middle of 2007, Facebook had versions in Spanish (the first in a language other than English), French and German, having been translated by volunteer users, and expanded into different countries. With rapid growth, in 2012, Facebook reached the 1,000 millions of users around the world.

Meaning of Facebook 1

Facebook is free to users and generates revenue from the exposed advertising, which includes banners and sponsored groups.

Facebook can be used both for home users, who use it to stay in touch with your friends, publish texts, photos, videos, etc., by companies, brands or celebrities, that enhance your advertising through this social network.

Users can register via your email address and create profiles containing photos, lists of public and private information and personal interests. Facebook, in addition, allows the exchange of public and private messages between users, being a communication to two bands of roundtrip.

Meaning of Facebook 2

The display of the detailed data of the members is restricted to the members of the same network, confirmed friends, or can be free for anyone. Thus, profiles on Facebook, as well as the content published on the social network, are visible to anyone who has permission to access the user.

Some of the main tools offered by Facebook user son:

The profile, which is where the user places photos that identify you and your personal data (place and date of birth, institution that studied, place of work, interests, etc.). The wall, which is a space in the profile page of the user that allows both the user and the friends of this write messages or publish pictures, videos and links on it. Notifications, interactions and actions of all contacts. Events, where you can invite all friends to an event or activity in particular. Instant Messaging or chat and video calls, service that allows you to talk in real-time with connected friends.

Meaning of Facebook 3

Interaction buttons (I like, love, amuses me, amazes me, saddens me and angers me), which are the different options to interact with the content published by other users on the network. Applications for mobile devices, enabling visualization and accessibility of users in mobile phones, smart phones or smartphones and tablets.