Meaning of Frequency

what is frequency:

Frequency is a repeat of a fact or an event. It is also the number of times that repeats a regular process in a given time interval. Number of oscillations, vibrations or waves per unit of time in any periodic phenomenon.

Comes from the latin frequentĭa, derived from frecuens, frecuentis (‘host’, ‘full’, ‘numerous’)

Frequency in statistics

In statistics, frequency is the number of times the value of a variable is repeated. There are two main types of frequency: absolute and relative.

Absolute frequency

The absolute frequency is the number of times that repeats a fact in an experiment or study. Is usually represented in the following way: or.

Meaning of Frequency 1

Relative frequency

Is the result of the division between the value of the absolute frequency (ni) and the sample size (N). It is representation of this form: fi. May be decimal, fraction or a percentage.

Heart rate

The heart rate (HR) is the number of beats of the heart during a time (usually per minute) or contractions. Sometimes also spoken of pulsations.

The normal adult resting heart rate is between 60 to 100 beats per minute. The heart rate in children is usually higher than that of an adult. From birth to age 10, approximately, the figures vary. For example, in infants less than a year, the normal heart rate is usually between 80 and 160, while 7-9 year-olds tend to be between 70 and 110 beats per minute. Fetal heart rate is between 110 and 160 beats per minute.

Meaning of Frequency 2

Maximum heart rate

Maximum heart rate is the number of beats per minute that can reach the heart doing high-intensity exercise. It depends on many factors. In a generic way, the age of a person at the number 220 can subtract to get the maximum heart rate.

Respiratory rate

Breathing rate is the number of breaths that occur in a given time, usually per minute. Influence of different factors such as the age and the type of activity carried out.

When the values are below the usual known as bradypnea. When they are higher is called tachypnea.

Frequency in physics

Meaning of Frequency 3

The frequency is a parameter that measures the number of repeats per unit of time of any phenomenon or occurrence. Frequency can be measured in different units. Usually measured in Hertz (Hz) and indicates the number of times that a phenomena repeats per second. Also used the revolutions per minute (rpm).