Meaning of Hardware

What is Hardware:

Hardware is the physical part of a computer or computer system, it consists of electrical, electronic, electro-mechanical and mechanical components such as circuits of cables and circuits of light, plates, utensils, chains and other material physically, that is necessary to make the team to work. The term comes from the English, means parts tough. hardware is basically used by computers and electronic devices.

Meaning of Hardware 1

Any part of the equipment, such as keys, locks, chains and parts of the computer itself, is called hardware. Hardware is not limited to personal computers, also available in cars, mobile phones, cameras, robots, etc. for a correct operation of the hardware, software is also needed, which is the logical part of the computer and is not tangible. It is software where the entire electronic and has the power to do all the operations carried out an electronic system.

Meaning of Hardware 2

The software is any software program that you can use, copy, etc. And only with the combination of hardware and software, the computer can work more precisely and efficiently.

Really only need the basic hardware, such as CPU (Central processing unit), memory RAM, hard drive, monitor, graphics card, and not called hardware add-on, such as different peripherals, for example, keyboard, mouse, floppy drive, the CD or DVD drive, printer, scanner, hard hard disk, speakers , etc. to make the computer work minimally.

Meaning of Hardware 3