Meaning of Hipster

What is hipster?

As hipster call, at present, a group of people that is characterized by tastes and interests associated to the vintage, the alternative and the independent.

Hipsters are against the social conventions and reject the values of the predominantly commercial culture (the mainstream), on behalf of the local popular culture. In this sense, possess a sensitivity varied, leaning to alternative life styles, ranging from prefer organic food to drink homemade beers.

Dress in extravagant way, with an unusual look and an interpretation of the very ironic fashion. They combine modern style and vintage clothes. They have rescued some accessories of old, as the brimmed hats, sunglasses wayfarer style, skinny pants and prints with polka dots or plaid patterns.

See also Vintage.

Meaning of Hipster 1

Are young people, generally middle and middle upper class, living in large cities of the world. Some see them as very genuine people, for others, are disgusting and ridiculous, bad looking, and creative people of disastrous combinations.

Hipsters love:

Listening to music and indie, musicians in the style of Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Devendra Banhart, and alternative rock bands; See classic and arthouse films; go to the fairs of used clothes and second-hand objects; Visit art galleries and museums; Have the latest technological developments; Use social networks to communicate, post photos, share music, videos, etc.

Meaning of Hipster 2

the great paradox of hipster culture is that, to popularize its own trend, which consists of a constant rejection of dominant trends and a search for alternative patterns of life, has become, itself, insofar as they rejected, i.e., a movement not hipster.

Hipster is a word of English whose use dates to 1940, when it was used as an equivalent to the term hepcat, a style or fashion associated with the field of jazz. For its adaptation to the Spanish language, it is advisable to write it in round and with tilde in the i: hipster.

Meaning of the hipster triangle

Triangle is the symbol most associated with the hipster culture. As such, it is a basic geometric shape with multiple Bridgat of mystical transcendence. Mainly, represents the number three, the number of the divinity of the Holy Trinity. Likewise, relates the Trinity with the levels of connection of being with the sky and the Earth. The most used triangle is equilateral, i.e. which has three equal sides, because it symbolizes harmony, divinity and the proportion.

Meaning of Hipster 3