Meaning of Humidity

what is humidity:

As moisture designate the quality of damp. Moisture is also water that pervades a body, or water, in the form of steam, is also present in the ambient air. As such, the word comes from latin humidĭtas, humiditātis.

Moisture is essential for life on Earth and for the realization of many natural processes. As such, it is present in practically everything that surrounds us. In all the bodies alive, animal or vegetable, in the clouds, on Earth, in the food we eat, on the cold grass of the Park, in droplets that adhere to the walls of a cold glass, in the smoke of the coffee or a kiss.

Atmospheric humidity

In meteorology, such as atmospheric moisture is called the amount of water vapor that is in the atmosphere. As such, it is measured with the hygrometer.

Meaning of Humidity 1

Air humidity

Moisture in the air is present in the atmosphere water vapor. As such, water vapor is caused by the evaporation of waters marine and continental (rivers, lakes, etc.), as well as that which comes from human beings, animals and plants.

Absolute humidity

As absolute humidity is called the weight of water vapor which, per unit of volume, contains the air in room. It usually is measured in grams per cubic meter.

Relative humidity

Meaning of Humidity 2

Relative humidity is the percentage of the mass of water vapor is in a volume of air, and that it would have if it were saturated. While next it is value to 100% is indicative of that moister is the environment.

Soil moisture

As soil moisture is called the quantity of water which, due to volume of land, there are present in an area. As such, it is an essential feature for training, conservation, fertility and productivity of soils, as well as the germination, growth and development of plants.

Moisture in food

All foods contain some degree of humidity, which can vary between 60% and 95%. As such, the humidity is a key parameter when considering the quality of the food, as well as its organoleptic and nutritional qualities.

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