Meaning of Internet

what is Internet:

Internet is a neologism from the English meaning decentralized computer network’s global reach. It is a system of computer networks interconnected through various means of connection, which offers a variety of services and resources, including, for example, access to digital platforms.

As such, is an anglicism which is formed by the abbreviation of the term International Network of Computers, which could be translated as ‘International network of computers’, or also as a ‘Network of networks’ in Spanish.

Its origin dates back to the year 1969, was established when the first connection between computers of several universities in the United States.

Meaning of Internet 1

As synonym of internet, we can use the words network or web, although the latter is not an exact synonym.

In Spanish, the word internet is regarded as a proper name. The Real Academia Española (RAE), in his dictionary, admits you to type with or without initial cap. From there, preferably, is used without the article, although in case of using it, women use (it), since the equivalent name in Spanish would be ‘network’, which is feminine.

Internet and World Wide Web (WWW or web)

Occasionally, both terms are used interchangeably, although technically they do not have the same meaning. The Internet is the transmission medium that uses the World Wide Web or WWW (in Spanish is often used the web term). In this way, one of the services that Internet allows you to use is the web, understood as a set of protocols that allows access to hypertext files away.

Meaning of Internet 2

Internet connections

Internet connections are available means so that a user can use the services offered by internet through devices that use computer technology, such as computers, tablets and mobile phones.

There are different ways to access the internet. Some of them are the use of a telephone line (conventional or digital, for example, ADSL), wired (through fiber optics), the satellite connection or connection to wireless networks, also called wireless.

See also fibre.

Internet as a means of communication

Meaning of Internet 3

From the point of view of the media, the internet is one of the means available to convey information, with many options and great impact on society since the end of the 20th century.

Characteristics of the internet allow the presentation of information in a multitude of formats such as, for example, sound, video, images and text. Allows you to combine elements of other media, such as radio, journalism and television.

One of the characteristics of the internet from the point of view of the communication is that it allows the interaction between users and the own environment.

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