Meaning of Isthmus

what is isthmus:

As isthmus is called, in geography, the strip of land that connects two continents, or a peninsula with a continent. Likewise, in anatomy, as isthmus is called the narrowest part of a body that connects two cavities. The word, as such, comes from the latin isthmus, and this, in turn, from the Greek, ἰσθμός (isthmos), which means ‘step Strait’.

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Isthmus in geography

In geography, as isthmus is called the narrow portion of emerged land between two continental masses (Panama isthmus, isthmus of Suez, isthmus of Tehuantepec), a peninsula with a continent (isthmus of Corinth, in Greece, isthmus of chorus, in Venezuela, in Argentina’s Carlos Ameghino isthmus), or itself on an island, an area of land with other (isthmus of Auckland (, in New Zealand). The isthmuses, Furthermore, have a great strategic, geopolitical and commercial value. From there some isthmuses are also furrowed by a channel that allows the maritime transit which shortens the routes.

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Isthmus in anatomy

In anatomy and medicine, such as isthmus is called the narrowest part of a body that connects two cavities or two parts of the same body. Some of the isthmuses that exist in the human body are the following:

isthmus of the fauces: is the one that is located between the back of the mouth and pharynx. Isthmus of the brain: is that located in the bottom and middle of the brain; as such, it is that connects the brain with the cerebellum. Thyroid isthmus: is the part of the thyroid gland located in front of the trachea, which connects the two lateral lobes. Aortic isthmus: is the most narrow portion of the aorta, between the aortic arch and thoracic aorta. Uterine isthmus: is the portion of union of the uterine body with the cervix.

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