Meaning of Morbidity

what is morbidity:

Morbidity is the amount of people who are sick in a place and time. Reference to the given definition, it can be said that ebola virus causes a high morbidity in Sierra Leone and other countries in Latin America.

In addition, in order to study the reasons of occurrence of disease, evolution and control, as well as finding the cure of evil, there are 2 types of morbidity rates. The prevalence rate studied cases older and recent pathological disease in a period or certain period, at the same time, the incidence rate refers to the development of the disease in a given time.

Meaning of Morbidity 1

In reference to the above, the morbidity rate allows you to describe the State of health of a population, likewise, studying the emergence and evolution of the different diseases and their possible cure. However, this study is achieved through numerical data of the recurrence of disease in different population groups, the time and place, as well as the type of population.

Morbidity data can come from ordinary records carrying medical records public, doctors, and others, as well as surveys. However, do use different sources for a good study of the morbidity rate, and them the indicated rate can be calculated in the following manner: the total number of sick in a given area and year among the total population of that area in the year of study multiplied by 1000, the number of patients known in certain area between the total number of individuals who live in that area of study multiplied per 100,000.

As indicated above is of enormous relevance to the Government of a country, since it must enforce all of the rights set forth in the Constitution or Constitution of the country, among which there is the right to health, therefore every Government must verify if their health system both public or private is in good condition and otherwise search for solutions to this problem.

Meaning of Morbidity 2

Definition of the World Health Organization (who) disease

term morbidity according to the World Health Organization is “any subjective or objective deviation from a welfare State”.

Morbidity and mortality

For a better understanding of the term morbidity and mortality, which is a term that originates from the medical science, must submit a brief clarification of the 2 concepts that make up the word indicated. First, is the number or proportion of people who suffer from a disease in a region and period. On the other hand, mortality is the proportional number of deaths in population and given time.

In reference to the above, the term morbidity and mortality is the set of diseases that the death of a number of people that make up a given region at a time or period provided.

The word mortality and morbidity refers to all kinds of disease, so it is not limited to a range of illness, for example: “the morbidity and mortality of malaria in African countries, the mortality and morbidity of dengue hemorrhagic fever in Venezuela, among others”, however, morbidity and mortality allows large researchers observe the evolution of the disease, as well as the number of deaths caused by them and thus to establish measures which achieve the cure for these diseases.

Meaning of Morbidity 3