Meaning of Motherboard

what is a card mother:

A mother card is a printed circuit board with some components integrated plate and that the essential components of a computer are connected. It is, therefore, a fundamental element in the design of computing devices.

The term ‘motherboard’ comes from the English (motherboard) also known as plate base (mainboard, in English) and motherboard.

Types of motherboard

There are various types and formats of motherboard. Depending on the processor, two groups can be identified: for AMD processors and Intel(r)

According to the format there are different types of cards madre:

Meaning of Motherboard 1

Format en miniature and size AT full, own computer processor 386 and 486.Formato ATX, whose design improves the previous format, facilitates the connection of peripherals, and offers better cooling. There are several subtypes: standard ATX, micro-ATX, Flex-ATX and BTX mini-ATX.Formato. Depending on its size, it can distinguish three types of motherboard with this type of format: BTX standard, micro-BTX and pico-BTX.Formato ITX. The main subtypes in this format are: mini-ITX and nano-ITX.

Parts of a motherboard

The motherboard contains a number of built-in components: chipset, (circuit that controls the majority of resources), the clock and the CMOS battery CMOS, BIOS or chip expansion BIOS (‘system basic input and output’, which is used as an interface between the motherboard and the operating system), the system bus and the bus.

Power connectors that provide power for the operation of the motherboard.

Socket or CPU socket, which is a slot that allows the connection with the processor or microprocessor, computer.

Meaning of Motherboard 2

connector of the random access memory (RAM) that allows the connection to the RAM memory and the data back.

Expansion slots, whose models and capabilities are varied (some of them existing in less current devices): slots ISA, VLB, PCI, and PCI Express, AGP, AMR and the CNR slot for communication devices such as LAN cards, USB modems.

Connectors for input and output, some of which are optional: a serial port and one parallel port (for connection of old printers and peripherals), USB port (for most modern peripherals), the connector RJ45 (LAN or Ethernet port), the VGA connector (for the connection to the monitor) and audio (line, out of line and microphone input) connectors.

Brands of motherboard

There are several brands that sell motherboards. Some of them son:

Gigabyte. The motherboards manufactured by Gigabyte Technology company are marketed internationally and presented various models and formats, supporting Intel and AMD processors. Mother Gigabyte cards are composed of segments and it begins with the letters GA (which indicates that it is a model of the brand Gygabyte), followed by the type of chipset that uses and a final segment code that indicates the main characteristics of the mother board.

Meaning of Motherboard 3


. This type of motherboards are developed by ASUSTeK Computer Inc. The design and manufacture of cards mother by this company are characterized in many cases by their innovative character getting improve the capabilities of computers.