Meaning of Nanotechnology

what is Nanotechnology:

Nanotechnology is a type of technology with applications in various fields and which focuses on Nanoscale Materials and their properties. Nanotechnology, therefore, works with nanometer (nm) as a unit of measure (corresponding to a billionth of a meter).

The term nanotechnology is formed with the Greek prefix (nano) νάνος.

Applications of nanotechnology

Nanotechnology has applications in different fields such as physics, chemistry, medicine, engineering and mechanics. Development in this area allows the improvement of many products and opens up new possibilities. For example, in the field of security, nanotechnology allows the development of microsensors, displayed more effective.

In the industrial field, nanotechnology presents three main areas of application. The first corresponds to the of nanomaterials, the second refers to the nanointermediarios and the last one focuses on nanoproducts.

Meaning of Nanotechnology 1

Examples of nanotechnology

One of the areas in which it applies nanotechnology is the feed area.

In food processing, there are some examples of nanotechnology as the water purification through nanomembranes, refining of oil already used throughout a catalytic nanodevice.

Nanoparticles of elements such as the dioxiodo of Silicon in the packaging materials can be used in food packaging. In this way, improve the characteristics of these containers, such as increased resistance to heat.

Nanotechnology in medicine

Meaning of Nanotechnology 2

In the field of medicine, nanotechnology enables, for example, molecular, precise and more complex diagnoses. In this way, Nanotechnology offers the possibility of diagnosing genetic or infectious diseases with greater advance. In addition, the treatment of many diseases is improved through the use of nanotechnology.

Nanoscale biochips are an example of nanotechnology that has many applications in the field of medical research.

In the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, for example, nanotechnology is showing as a very useful tool. One of its applications is the creation of nanoparticles that function as carriers of drugs within the body.

Nanotechnology in Mexico

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In Mexico there is a growing interest in research and practical application of nanotechnology. The national laboratory of nanotechnology of Mexico is one of the entities devoted to promoting research in the field of nanotechnology. The National Autonomous University of Mexico, for example, has the center of nanoscience and nanotechnology (CNyN) since 2008.