Meaning of Natural Resource

what is natural resource:

Natural resource is all that nature offers man for its use. Natural resources, are minerals, plant products, animals or others, after passing by the hand of man will become cars, food, energy, clothing, etc. to increase the quality of life of our society but unfortunately they are not regenerated spontaneously.

The indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources has been one of the causes of the alarming global warming. Some examples such as: the indiscriminate felling of forests for industrial use has jeopardized the forest mass on the planet or the daily of a particular species of fish, making it impossible to play catch.

Meaning of Natural Resource 1

Is therefore that the human being to see committed natural resources for their subsistence is aware that must have responsible behavior. Today, sustainable development is becoming a standard of corporate sustainability and competitiveness.

The term sustainable development was created by the World Commission on environment and development of the United Nations in 1983. UNESCO reinforced the term establishing that cultural diversity is as necessary as the biological diversity to living organisms, achieving a satisfactory balance to intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual level.

Currently, product of technological advancement, new alternatives for natural resources renewable or green energy calls are implemented. Among them is the popularization of household recycling, construction of energy from renewable resources as solar thermal energy, wind energy or hydropower and replacement of the production of energy from non-renewable resources.

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In reference to the above, there is a scientific discipline called conservation biology that is aimed at the causes of the loss of biodiversity and how to minimize these losses.

Renewable and non-renewable resources

Renewable resources are of biological or organic origin whose regeneration capacity is large occurs in short intervals of time, such as: wind, tidal, hydroelectric power, solar radiation, etc. Also within renewable agricultural products that always have been steadily are.

Non-renewable resources are characterized because they deplete, or require long periods of time to return to form and have a limited capacity for regeneration such as petroleum, minerals, natural gas, among others. Likewise, the economic value of non-renewable resources depends on scarcity of product and demand for the same.

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