Meaning of Noise

what is the noise:

Noise is an inarticulate or unclear sound that tends to cause an unpleasant sensation of hearing. In the area of telecommunications, ‘noise’ is a disturbance or an anomalous signal that occurs in a telecommunication system, which impairs the transmission and preventing to get information with clarity.

This word is also used to refer to a riot. Also, this term refers to the uproar or strangeness that causes something. Comes from the latin rugĭtus.

Types of noise

Meaning of Noise 1

According to the peak of emission variability can be distinguished three types of noise: continuous, intermittent and impact. Another form of classification of sounds distinguishes between white noise and pink noise, Brown noise.

Depending on the source of the noise, the noise can be classified in: environmental (composed of several sounds of the environment that doesn’t stand out one in particilar), specific (personally identifiable and associated with a single source) and initial (prior to modification sound).

White noise

Meaning of Noise 2

White noise or white noise is a type of signal of randomness and presenting no statistical correlation between its values at two different times. This kind of noise all frequencies and its power is constant (the power density of the spectrum is flat). Some examples of white noise could be the sound produced by a vacuum cleaner running, a hair dryer. It was named by association with the concept of ‘white light’.

Industrial noise

Industrial noise is produced by human activities in this sector. Occurs, for example in the operation of machinery in production processes and in the metallurgy sector. Industrial noise is not only a risk labour that it can affect the workers, but also can cause disorders and discomforts to the nearby town (for example in a town in which there is a factory) and also the surrounding fauna.

Meaning of Noise 3

In many countries there is legislation that regulates industrial noise to avoid problems. Some of them have to do, for example, with the use of protective workers or for certain local acoustic insulation.

Difference between noise and sound