Meaning of Okay

What is Okay:

Okay (OK, O.K., Okey, or Oki doki) is an English term that means yes, OK, OK, very good, okay. Is used to indicate conformity in situations that you want to confirm, approve or agree to something.

Okay is also the name of a meme created in 2010 and represents a made up character, which is not irritated with anything, even going through a situation that most would be furious. The Okay responds simply “Okay” (very well) with an attitude of resignation. It is also called Okay guy, which means “Uncle Okay”.

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Okay the guy is part of the comic images created on the Internet to represent the behavior of persons in certain circumstances. Other well-known memes are the “Forever alone”, “Troll face”, “Rage guy (fffuuu)”, among others.

Okay the guy is represented by a figure with a very sad expression and emerged on the website 4chan. These comic figures are propagated through the Internet and in many cases it is not known who is the author of the image.

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Often appear in communities such as 4chan or Reddit.

4chan is a community that offers users with different topics to discuss and share images. Any person can participate without registering in the community.

Reddit is a social community where users publishing links to different contents on the Internet.

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