Meaning of Owned

What is Owned:

Owned means property, and it is an English term. Owned also has other Bridgat, such as making someone foolish or stupid, fool you, confuse you, betray him, do something embarrassing or embarrass a person, therefore, also has the meaning of failure and humiliation.

Owned can also mean having mastery of a person, a group of persons or a particular situation, that person already belongs to another, has been completely won.

Meaning of Owned 1

Owned in video games

On the handheld Gameboy, owned means that the Player did something that will matter to anyone, not even see it, how to change the image of a game. Owned also said when a player wins another, therefore, it is said that already has earned to that person, the other is much better.

Meaning of Owned 2

Owned computer

Owned is also a term used by hackers, virtual pirates who steal the web sites of persons or companies, and used this term when they take over a web site. In general, once a hacker invade a site, leave it quite clear, leaving written the term owned in the home.

Meaning of Owned 3