Meaning of Performance

What is Performance:

Performance is a feminine name of English origin which means action, performance, representation, interpretation, fact, achievement or performance. the word performance comes from the English verb “to perform” which means do, complete, execute, or do. Often used in the context of displays in public, or when someone runs some role in the artistic field, as a player, for example. Performance can also be the set of results obtained in a given test or examination by a person.

Meaning of Performance 1

in the sporting context, the performance of an athlete or a team is linked with its performance or a sporting achievement. Example: Not expected much from the team, but after a fantastic performance/performance, they managed to win the game. the world of motorized mechanisms, such as a car, performance corresponds to the ability to achieve the expected results with efficiency.

Meaning of Performance 2

Performance art

Performance art (also known as “artistic activity”) appeared around 1960’s and is a form of artistic expression that can include several disciplines such as music, poetry, video and theatre. This type of event can be improvised by the artists, and could have an audience or not.

Is a sample stage, often with an important factor of improvisation, in which provocation or astonishment, as well as the sense of aesthetics, play a major role.

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